pendants, polymer discs and art dolls

i am SO enjoying the art classes i’m running over at ning, that is; i’m enjoying connecting with everyone and really helping where i can, it’s an awesome feeling!

ok, some new art i’ve been working on:

I am trying to make small glass pendants with some of my art work! It’s really fun to do but very piddly fiddly! (these are for sale in my etsy shop)

I’ve also been playing with polymer clay! I started making little discs and do little pieces of art on them! So far, I like the look of them!

:) I bought this beautiful gold and silver thread to hang ‘m up with :).

And then inspired by one of Milliande’s videos I’ve been trying to make little art dolls!

I sprayed the polyfill on the first one with vanilla so she smells nice and the second one is filled with part dried lavender and camomile and part polyfill!

These are all very small projects but fun to do.

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