baby news!

i’ve been pretty exhausted and feeling burnt out for the last couple of days! lots of work going on and i assisted andy on a mediation the other day which was pretty emotionally taxing. i sleep hours and hours but still feel tired!

anyhoo, today was my 20 week anomaly scan and we found out the sex of the baby!!!

i’m copying my post from lj here, i’d like to share it with everyone here too:

just came back from the scan andddddddddd ………………….

it’s a

♥ boy ♥

sorry to all of you who thought it was going to be a girl! hee.

we are OVER THE MOOON!!!

a little andy in da house!! awww


they checked like, everything! size of head, spine, if kidneys are working, all 5 views of the heart etc and everything was ok, no scary anomalies!

and it was so adorable because baby wasn’t lying in a position that all things that needed to be seen could be seen, so i was told to go out; ‘eat some chocolate’ (lol, GREAT prescription) and come back in a while, hoping baby would’ve moved.

so andy and i spent a long time in the beautiful sun with beautiful blue sky by the sea/beach in brighton and i’m sort of on a high from the whole experience!!

when we came back babe had moved in a position that all could be seen well! :)

baby is healthy, baby is ok!

uber yay!

(it was so sweet, andy was so overwhelmed with emotion!)


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