ye little birds

ye little birds

Ye Little Birds That Sit And Sing
Thomas Heywood

Ye little birds that sit and sing
Amidst the shady valleys,
And see how Phyllis sweetly walks
Within her garden-alleys;
Go, pretty birds, about her bower;
Sing, pretty birds, she may not lour;
Ah, me! methinks I see her frown;
Ye pretty wantons, warble!

Go, tell her through your chirping bills,
As you by me are bidden,
To her is only known my love,
Which from the world is hidden.
Go, pretty birds, and tell her so;
See that your notes strain not too low,
For still, methinks, I see her frown;
Ye pretty wantons, warble!

Go, tune your voices’ harmony,
And sing, I am her lover;
Strain loud and sweet, that every note
With sweet content may move her;
And she that hath the sweetest voice,
Tell her I will not change my choice;
Yet still, methinks, I see her frown;
Ye pretty wantons, warble!

Oh, fly! make haste! se, see, she falls
Into a pretty slumber!
Sing round about her rosy bed
That, waking, she may wonder:
Say to her, ’tis her lover true
That sendeth love to you, to you!
And when you hear her kind reply,
Return with pleasant warblings.


rain and mucus dominated my day today. i don’t mind rain though, i gape in awe at it as it comes down. it gives me a cleansing feeling. mucus, i do mind however. for some strange reason, out of nowhere, i started sneezing last night, and i haven’t stopped yet. it’s insane, i sneeze and sneeze and sneeze, i simply do not understand where it came from! and i did not know my head could produce this much snot. ha.

though my RA is playing up a bit and the sneezing is taxing on my body, i am feeling peaceful and trusting in life. i am pleased to feel that way, as i don’t always. at times, i’m pretty restless, worried and jittery, but since coming back from spain, a general wellness and calm has come over me.

i’ve been working on my website, and on my new art journal workshop. also; the painting posted above, i love it. i’m having a texture paste fetish at the moment. i love trying to make my art as messy and mixed media as possible. also, the lil bird i painted makes me squeal with happy. :) i am using ink as a new material and it’s really interesting the way it responds to acrylics.

baby is kicking the inside of my belly as i type this. andy and i have bought some clothes that explode my brain with the cuteness of them. additionally we made a baby list today and marked 2 days in our calendar on which we’ll buy all that we need for the little new one. though my stomach is growing and my back aches and i’m clearly very pregnant; i still can’t quite believe that there is an actual baby inside of me some times. the whole idea seems too weird, still. ha.

i want to make more time for sewing. i want to sew bags, thai trousers and a new hippo puppet, but i have to focus on a few commissions and the new course. hopefully i’ll find a bit of free time soon. my fingers itch to sew.

ok ye little birds, keep on singing your song, i listen, i do.


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