warm rain

i’ve started to lie down in the empty bath and let the shower rain warm rain unto me. it feels incredibly safe. i’m not sure if this is pregnancy stuff, but the feeling is like being back in a womb environment, like a complete envelopment of warm. when you’re in a normal bath, it’s nice, but your head stays above the water (mostly) and there is no major splatter. this thing that i’m doing; lying down in empty bath and having warm rain splatter on top of me is totally different experience, i can do it for hours (but then feel guilty for the over the top water usage, so i’m not doing it for hours, ha).

warm. rain.

i am on the verge of entering into week 31 of pregnancy. that means that the baby is now approx 14-17 inches in length and that his eyes could be fully open (they are fused shut for a long period during pregnancy). if he decides to come out at 38 weeks, there are only another 8 weeks to go, if he comes at 40, 10 weeks! it’s awesome and incredible and amazing to think he’ll be coming out so soon.

part of me simply can’t wait! another part of me can’t quite believe it all still. there is a baby inside of me with an actual face, nose, hands, feet .. wtf? it’s amazing and literally unbelievable. another part of me has all the usual worries; will he be ok, will the birth go fine? will he have down syndrome or another birth defect, etc!

also, when i look at this (baby in utero at 30 weeks):

i feel just a tad bit nervous at how narrow the vaginal canal seems compared to that melon of a head! ;))

my body needs more and more rest. i easily sleep 10-11 hours each night, easily. it’s weird, because you really have a lot less time during the day. i keep not understanding ‘where the time went’ and then i remember; oh yes, i sleep like there is no tomorrow.

a friend of mine send me a pile of baby clothes! it’s amazing, all his clothing requirements have been covered by what she sent through! the baby now has more clothes than me and andy together, lol. it’s all so cute, all the little baby grows, hats, trousers, shirts, brain explosion stuff, of course.

some people have asked us if they can contribute something to the baby. as i’m worried people might buy more clothes (which we really don’t need!), i’ve created a baby wish list!! if you’d like to send a little pressie for baby (or mummy, hee), feel free to have a browse on the wish list, which can be found here:

Tam & Andy’s Baby Wish List.


any contributions would be deeply appreciated, obviously! :)

i am working hard on the awesome art journal course which commences this monday!! i get a lot of joy from creating the videos and sharing my creative process with people who are interested. to those who have signed up; a big deep thank you. registration is still open if people want to sign up!

i’m also incredibly chuffed by the fact that so many people have bought the world of whimsy course on DVD! i’ve now had to invest in a printer that prints onto DVD to cope with the demand. i feel blessed and lucky to be able to make a living out of art and teaching.

in other news; the weather here in the uk has been awesome. i am always surprised at what a difference a sunny day and blue sky can make!

hope everyone is having happy times too, wherever you are.


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