when pianos try to be guitars.

devil's dyke - hove

today was a bit of a bleugh day in tam’s head. not quite sure how and when it happened, but some darkness settled in and before i knew it i found myself crying over nothing and everything. hey, it happens. crying must be done sometimes. :-)

andy encouraged me to going for walks with him on devil’s dyke which is this amazingly beautiful nature area in hove. i reluctantly agreed (was much more in a; hide my head under my duvet kind of mood but went anyway) and took my new d80.

it was breathtaking, both nature and andy, look at him:

ilovehimsoincrediblymuchitcan’tquitebeexplained …

devil's dyke - hove

and, after our trip to devil’s dyke, i did finally manage to record a song! :0) this is me singing ‘northern lad’ by tori amos.

free mp3 can be downloaded here: www.willowing.org/music.html

oh! i want to buy a appalachian dulcimer! it’ll be a string instrument i can play! (i can’t play guitar anymore due to my RA hands you see).


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