dylan, day 3

i realise this might get a little boring for people, but i, of course, can’t and won’t stop posting baby pictures and stories for quite some time yet! ;)

dylan, day 3.

all there is, is love.

dylan - 3 days old

dylan, 3 days old.

dylan - 2 days old

dylan, 2 days old.

dylan - 1 day old

dylan, 1 day old.

dylan - 8 hours old

dylan, 8 hours old.

i’m so intrigued by how quickly he already seems to change from one day to the next!

this is a true, incredible adventure!! i didn’t think it was going to be like what it is like. there is so much more love than i imagined there would be, and much less worry about ‘no sleep’ or other stuff.

truly, i’m all blissed out on this amazing experience.

here another vid of dylan, 3 days old.

i can’t get over that he came out of me!!


my parents are coming over tomorrow and staying until monday!! :)

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