art la la la art

here follows some art that i haven’t posted yet!

the first is a chagall inspired piece i did for a challenge on my ning network.

chagall inspired piece

i really like it! (the white texture was added with photoshop, but am still aiming to add it to the reall piece too!).

this was the chagall piece i was inspired by;

and here are the portrait pieces i created for my course ‘fabulous faces’. every week, i video-ed how i did the following portraits;

week 1: front facing portrait in graphite;

fabulous faces - week 1

week 2; front facing portrait in colour;

fabulous faces - week 2

week 3: 3 quarter portrait in colour;

fabulous faces - week 3

week4; profile portrait in colour;

week 4 fabulous faces

week 5; adding elements to your portrait piece

week 5 fabulous faces

week 6 still to come! :)


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