Awesome Art Journal – Workshop Information

Awesome Art Journal – Course Information

*Awesome Art Journal*
Mixed Media Art Journal Workshop

Now Available on DVD or Online Download!

Art Journals are magical places where all judgements fall away! Your Art Journal is a place where you can create without inhibitions or fear of ‘doing it wrong’. Art Journals are not for making ‘perfect’ art (what is that anyway?), they are for soul expression, a space for you to be, to express, create, to heal, to laugh, to cry! This course will do just that; help you express your soul in creative, expressive and outrageous ways!


front sleeve DVD cover

Student Feedback:

“This is a course that will help to ignite your journal creations through different and attractive techniques. Interspersed with some healing techniques that could be integrated, along with the techniques learnt, into your journaling by means of weekly exercises. Everything happens in a gentle and relaxing environment where you can get feedback and find even more inspiration through interaction with other participants.”
Tere Valenzuela, Mexico

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Type of workshop:


What You’re Buying


Online Downloads: If you buy the ‘downloads – only’ option, you will NOT get a DVD. You will be given access to an online group from where you can download all the videos and PDFs.

DVD: Please note: the DVD you are buying is a DATA DVD. The file format of the videos on the DVD is in .mov. This means you cannot watch the files on your TV unless your DVD player specifically plays the above mentioned file format. The files on the DVD can be played on PCs or MACs using either Quicktime (.mov files) or VLC Player.I strongly recommend Quicktime for .mov files though as the VLC player tends to distort the videos ever so slightly.

You get 1 DVD which contain 6 .mov files (about 7.5 hours of lessons in total) and 13 PDF files. A supply list and course outline is also included on the DVD in PDF format. The DVD case has a professionally printed sleeve covering it.


This course ran on my ning network from 8th June 2009 – 12th July 2009. Since then hundreds of students have joined and enjoyed this course.

Technical requirements: the .mov files play best in the software program Quicktime. You can also play them in VLC player but I noticed that VLC distorts my videos slightly so I highly recommend playing them in Quicktime (this programme can be downloaded for free off the internet).


Course skill level:
beginner & intermediate


The DVD contains 6 video files covering 5 weeks of mixed media art journal lessons. Pls note that I have NOT taken out little chats or comments which related to events or circumstances happening at the time.

On the disc you will find 13 PDFs that look at the methods and techniques that were covered in the videos and some of them list exercises and/or homework. In some weeks a healing theme is interwoven into the lesson.

Each video looks at two themes often covering several techniques to implement the theme into your art journal.



Student Feedback
(with permission)
“AWESOME!!!!!!!” – Klair Scattergood
“Just take it, dammit, (you will be glad you did)! ;D”
– Ursula Lengyel

“Nice course, especially for beginners. Tam is an excellent teacher. She is extremely patient and will take whatever time is necessary to be sure you understand what she is teaching.”
– Susan Koopmans

“All and a very thorough walk through of most aspects of Art journaling, and in addition most of the techniques can also be used in paintings. The course guides you through enough techniques to keep you going for a long time. Willowing way of teaching is both fun and inspiring – so you better have your materials ready, because you will want to get started as soon as you here her first “Hallooooooo everyone” ;-).”
– Mette Engell
“Tam offers a solid course in art journaling, presented in a playful way that invites participation.”
– Alix North
“It was AWESOME!!!! I highly recommend it to anyone who loves art & journaling!!”
-Debi Lowe



Type of workshop:



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