tupdate (=tam + update) ;)

i’m wearing pink lipstick today. pinker than usual that is. my lipstick normally, tends to veer towards reddy/ orange. i know, you really wanted to know that, didn’t you? ;)

quick update on status of art stuff.

1. i’m working on my new online art course! yes, yes, World of Whimsy II is coming to a server near you! (it is basically a repeat of WOW I, but there is extra material there too!). registration opens very soon and more info will be published soon too. the actual course starts on July 19th! keep an eye out! :) It will run, as usual, on my ning site.

2. i’ve finally set up my bamboo wacom tablet! I created this little face with it today (see below here). it’s a very fun thing to do, but takes A LOT of getting used to. it’s not easy as I keep wanting to do things that I do with my pencil and pad (like rotating it) but you can’t do that. it’s fun though to be able to use things like smudge and layers (in photoshop), that’s really helpful. i look forward to playing more with this thing.

3. after about a million years, i’ve finally been able to work a little in some new moleskines! it’s still all very low key, while dylan sleeps on my lap, but i’m happy with what’s come out!

art journal june 2010

art journal june 2010

art journal june 2010 art journal june 2010

4. i don’t think i posted my version of ‘vincent (starry starry night)’ yet. i recorded it before going away to holland. i’m pleased with how it came out. i liked doing the harmonies (took me a while to find a nice melody, but managed in the end). hope you like!

in other news.

so, andy has been away for 3 weeks now, coming back on saturday (yayyyyy). it is SO hard to look after a 10 month old all by yourself for so long. i don’t know how single mums do it. my respect for them has tripled in the last 3 weeks!

dylan is both exhausting and amazing.

in the last 3 weeks he’s cut 2 teeth, started to crawl “properly”, is pulling himself up on the couch and other furniture all the time and eats like a horse!

he has also FINALLY started to sleep properly again. for the last three months he’d been waking up pretty much every 2 hours driving me to commit all sorts of crimes against humanity, but since about a week he’s suddenly standardly sleeping from 9-5 and then another 2 – 3 hours! and no; i’m not giving him alcohol or valium! so i’m thrilled about that.

he’s got these hilarious goofy grins going, loves to bounce up and down on your lap and flirts with anyone he sees!

he’s also terribly shouty at times which can be frustrating, but it’s something we have to go through i suppose. (yesterday i was getting hugely irritated by it).

i am able to write this blog post at the moment as we have our childminder, julia, round. she comes round sort of 2-3 days a week to look after him while i do my work. it feels great to have a bit of a breather.

don’t get me wrong; it is wonderful to have this little baby boy in the house, but when all you do for 3 weeks is look after a child; you lose yourself a bit and it’s so important not to lose touch with yourself and have a bit of a break! so, i’m celebrating this little break. :)

here some pics and vids of the little man!

oh, i did this hilarious little video of him discovering a toilet roll;

crazy face! #TwitPict on Twitpic Dylan the monstah! #TwitPict on Twitpic early mornings with Dylan. he makes me sleep on the edge of m... on Twitpic

(you can see his one tooth in the middle pic if you open it up)

another one, taken only yesterday;

my best piece of art yet. ;)

dylan @ 10 months old – now enjoys crawling, climbing the stairs, has two emerging teeth and knows how to shout a whole lot. :)

and me;

pink lipstick

tam @ 34 years old – can’t get a break but thinks it’s all worth it! ;)


i hope everyone reading this is well. big hugs. x

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