Hugging is the Whole Point

Hugging is the Whole Point

Hugging is the Whole Point

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Isn’t she cute? ♥

I have tired eyes and I sit here at too late an hour writing my blog, updating all my latest art bits on my site and in my etsy store and checking up on Dylbee intermittently who has lately developed ‘bad’ sleep habits again, he wakes up frequently before I’ve even gone to bed, yes, I am tired, but I’m happy.

Crazy busy with preparation for my up and coming free course! It’s so funny because I, obviously, can’t spend all my time creating lessons for free, but I keep wanting to do ‘a bit more’ and ‘cover this bit too’, ‘add just another page’. LOL. It’s hilarious and potentially a bit stupid, but hey, I is an artist who can’t stop! :D

Also, I’m excited because I recently had pocket mirrors made of my art and they look soooo pretty! They have this beautiful glossy finish and the art is really beautifully printed, great quality. Just really pleased they came out well as sometimes you can order something online and be disappointed, but these are just the prettiest! Have a looksie! :)

These are also available in my etsy store if you’re interested! :)

I did art with a friend of mine and her 12 year old daughter yesterday, it was really lovely to be working with a child (ok; teenager) again, I miss doing art with kids and it really makes me want to run courses in person with either kids or adults so I’m going to look into doing in person courses here in Brighton, should be fun!

Ooh, I’ve signed up to Gritty Jane’s art doll class and soooo badly want to find some time to start creating an art doll, but am totally caught up in doing my classes at the moment, I will find some time though as I have all the materials now (paper clay, yay) and just gonna HAVE TO make one, I’m itching to create one. Hope to be able to sculpt the face though as that is always my struggling point.

Mmmh, what else?

Oh yes! I’m gonna be interviewed by the cool and awesome Jonathan Manning (aka; the artistic biker) tomorrow for his ustream show! I look forward to talking art with him, it’ll be fun! :) (should be going to bed to make sure I look semi-presentable, ha ha).

Well, I think that’s it again for now. Oh, one more thing, Dylan’s got his FIRST BIKE! :) LOOOOOOK:

Loads of my friends and acquaintances are pregnant (something like 7-8 people I know are either having a first or second baby) and it’s making me very much think about a second baby (eeee!!). It’s all a bit romanticised though as realistically it’s probably not such a good idea (not quite yet), but hey, a girl can dream. ;)

Big hugs and love to all. x

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