You will never be just ‘pretty’.


Girl – in progress

So, where was I? :-)

Well, let me hear a “HOLY WOW”; there are 950+ people on my free art course and they are on FIRE! One after another posts amazing work, beautiful comments, revelations of healing. I am continually awed, stunned, humbled and moved by what they are posting and how they are responding to each other; with such love, care and encouragement. I am blown away.

So, all is very very busy in Tam-land and I do look forward to a bit of a break soon, but that’s going to have to be December as preparations for my next course have started! Yes, yes: Magical Mythical Makings is soon coming to a server near you! ;) We’ll be creating a new mythical creature each week! From Goddesses to Angels to Mermaids, they’re all going to join us! We’ll also be looking at some of the old masters for inspiration (Klimt, Chagall, Redon etc). I can’t wait to run this class, I’m so excited about it. :)

In the mean time, I’m still trying to take some time for myself and create art purely for my own relaxation (usually after Dylan goes to sleep), and all art you see in this post has been created in the ‘after hours’ (is what I’ve come to call them, ha).

Here be a happy pic of me and Dylbee: :-)

I’ve done some more digital creating which is very satisfying I must say, I think I’ll make these into a series:

And here some new art journal pages:

art journal - oct 2010


art journal - oct 2010

art journal - oct 2010

art journal - oct 2010

art journal - oct 2010

Back to some more digital creating! Hope everyone is well.

Snugglehugs. x

Oh PS. Watch this awesome poetry slam video, you won’t regret it:

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