Happy holidays!

Can you believe that the day we are leaving to spend 4 days with Andy’s family I am developing a major fever, cold and achyness? I feel achy all over, hot and cold and stomach probs too. Eugh! It seems that when you prepare to relax, your body sort of goes: aaah finally, like it lets its guard down and kablam illness hits you. Oh well, we’re going anyway, but I probably need a lot of tlc, tea, warm baths and chocolate cake. Ehehe.

Anyway, I wanted to wish everyone very happy holidays and a spectacular new year! :-)

I am planning to really savour my time with family and friends in the next couple of days. I hope, whatever you are doing, it’s something you look forward to and will enjoy.

Here is another fun pic of me, Dylbee and Andy! :)

more happy hols! x

Merry Christmas sweet people. x

Big hugs
Tam x

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