The secret is out! :D

Eeeeee! We’re pregnant again! Crazy right? And this time round it happened aux naturale! (Some of you may know/ remember that Dylbee is an IVF baby). I never thought we’d manage naturally although no particular major problem was ever detected for us, we just didn’t conceive!

The funny thing was that after wavering from yes to no to yes to no on the subject on ‘shall we have another baby’, Andy and I finally decided to have another and met with the IVF clinic on 2nd of March discussing another embryo transfer not knowing that we were actually pregnant already at that point! :) How cool is that?

We are both really pleased and excited, it also feels a bit unreal and we’re in the very early stages yet. (We always tell instead of waiting 3 months as we figure we can use the support through the pain if something goes wrong). I keep forgetting that I’m pregnant again, ha ha! And, I’ve forgotten loads of things from the last pregnancy (like what you should avoid eating etc).

I am over the moon and I do hope it’s a girl this time as I would like to experience both a boy and girl child, but if it does turn out to be a boy it’ll be awesome too of course! :)

So, wish me luck with this new little one, my heart is full of love for him/her already. :D

Oh, been doing some digital uplifting creations! Here are they, hope they make you feel good about YOU today. Have a happy Sunday one and all. :) x

you are a beautiful child of the universe

don't be afraid of how awesome you are

doo doo doo

don't be afraid of how awesome you are

my love, strength and support go out to the people of japan

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