You are Love
You are Love

Aloha lovely reader. :) How are you? I’m feeling quiet. Is that possible, to feel quiet? Like a silent sort of hibernation type thing? Just inwards stuff? Does that make sense? I wonder if it’s related to the pregnancy. This pregnancy feels very different from Dylan. With Dylan I had no nausea and I had heaps of energy. With this one I want to sleep 12 hours each night and just sit quietly doing very little all day long and I’m only in week 10! I just feel like I want to sleep all the time. Sleep or sit and do minor tasks. Last pregnancy I only felt like this in the last trimester. Odd.

So yes. All feels quiet and introspective. And it seems to be the case around me as well. Even my inbox is quiet! Ha ha. It must be some planets aligning one way or another.

Anyhoo. Last weekend we did lots of fun things with Dylan. The weather was absolutely gorgeous! We went to the park and playground with him on Saturday. He had so much fun and he just wouldn’t sit still. He goes exploring everywhere, including the bushes! Lookit:

dylan in the bushes

We also put up his very first paddling pool which he loved:

dylan in paddling pool

And we went to Stanmer Park which is stunning:

dylan on daddy's neck 1

I laid in the daisies blissing out!

And here are some daddy & Dylan piccies which make my heart leap and my face smile:

dylan and daddy giggles

dylan and daddy giggles

And lastly, pretty pics of nature:

beautiful leave caught by the sun

spring buds

pretty plants in nursery

So, I shall go back to my hibernation time and preparations for my digital art course.

Big hugs x

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