And the sex of our baby number 2 is ……


it’s a blueberry boy, not a girl!!

(all healthy btw too!)

I’ll be honest, my initial response was disappointment. I had been bonding with and fantasising about a girl for months. And this person I had envisioned, this little girl I had been connecting with and bonded with suddenly vanished with a poof and the sight of a little willy on the sonogram screen!

I shed a few tears and connected with why I was so sad. And it was indeed just that: the person who I thought was coming, wasn’t, so it felt like a loss of some sorts.

But now, after a few hours, I’m already loving the idea of bonding with a new boy and finding out all about what he’s going to be like when he’s here. I also really love the idea that this little one will have a big brother in Dylan and that there is -hopefully- going to be brotherly bonding and connecting with each other! Another positive about this is that rheumatism is much less prevalent in males than in females and seeing that we have RA in the family a lot, it’s a good thing that this baby is a boy too.

So, I’m excited, but am also still getting used to the fact that I’ll never have a daughter. (After this baby I cannot have another child as I need to get back onto my proper meds (which are lethal to a baby), I can’t keep going on steroids for much longer you see. But maybe, when we’re super rich and can live a leisurely life, we’ll adopt a girl one day! :)

I know, this gender thing seems somehow minor, and I’m partly surprised by how much I’m affected by the fact that it’s another boy, but hey, this is what’s up for me at the moment, so there you have it.

I’m over the moon of course, that all body parts seem to be in order at this point!


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