Gratitude - detail

So yesterday was a sort of weepy, shaky, pregnancy hormone filled kind of day. The kind of day where small things make you cry and you have a generally fearful feeling in the pit of your stomach. Know what I mean?

And big things, well, they did more than make me cry. Sometimes, I fill up with so much despair listening to the suffering in the world, it’s hard to breathe.

And then I’m reminded of Byron Katie’s wise words who says: ‘this is not your suffering, don’t add to the suffering of the world by suffering something that isn’t yours to suffer’.

I’m not always able to follow that advice and I think there is something valuable in expressing the sadness I feel when others go through a terrible ordeal, but Katie’s approach also helps me ground and send out positive stuff, compassion and love, and ‘being in the now-ness’ rather than just adding suffering to the suffering that is already there.

And the other day, Andy and I received some news which would mean a financial change for us (negatively) which stressed me out for a little while until I caught this bit of information on the radio:

“People in Haiti are bracing for a hurricane while many people are still living in make-shift houses after the earthquake.”

And that just kicked my whole view on life into perspective again. Why am I worried about a small change in finances while I have a beautiful roof over my head, a beautiful family who are healthy and happy. I eat good food every day. I am expecting a new little baby, I do the work that I love etc etc. I have a thousand million blessings. I live an incredibly privileged life. And while I am not downplaying or devaluing the pains and sorrows that can occur in a privileged life, remembering how amazing my life is compared to many many people on earth, helps me find gratitude again. It helps me regain a little perspective when I get too mopey.

And coincidentally, my latest painting is called: ‘Gratitude’ which is so fitting.

Gratitude Full Painting

I did a video of how I made this painting too:

If you want to join in on the challenge, you can post your work HERE.

Here are some more detail shots of the painting.

Gratitude - detail

Gratitude - detail

Gratitude - detail


And we celebrated Dylbee’s 2 year birthday which was wonderful! The weather was beautiful and just the right amount of lovely people and kiddos came. Here some picsies:

dylan bday - 2 years old!

it gets messy with many toddlers

Babies, toddlers, “grown ups” & a biiiiig mess! ;)

yay watertable!

Dylan & George and Lila in the background

dylbee and george

Dylan and George

a bit o' bday cake

Mmmh cake!

dylan and mummy's funky tattoo

Dylbee and mummy’s cool tattoo in the garden


Yayyyy! Dylan was given a broom as a bday gift, he loved it!

i love playing at the water table

He worships this water/ sand table!

look i have soap hands

Bath time after a full day of fun

me, preggo, 28 weeks

And the mummy, 27/28 weeks preggo with nr 2. :)

In the mean time, I am working hard on Life Book! Registration will open on October 3rd.

For more information GO HAVE A READ HERE.

Huggas and banana cakes. x

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