Life Book – more info and payment plans

Hi guys! I’ve had such an amazing response to introducing Life Book already! I’m so pleased to hear that many of you are SO excited about it! :) (As am I)!! :-)

I just want to clear a few bits up, particularly about payment plans about which I received a lot of questions.

Before I go into the payment plans though, I just want to point out that those who are concerned about budget and paying $99 for the course, that though it may seem like a lot of money, please realise that that amount of money gets you a whole year of mixed media lessons (a minimum of 24 lessons) + 1 other of my courses (which is another miminimum of approx 6 lessons AND all the extras of artist interviews, art journal prompts, extra PDFs to inspire you etc etc.

So while $99 might seem like a lot of money, in fact, the lessons turn out to be approx ONLY $3 per lesson and that doesn’t even account for all the extras you get.

So, I do totally understand that $99 seems like a lot of money, but if you spread it out over the year and see it as an invaluable investment in a wealth of information spread out over the year, not to mention all the artsy connections you will make on the course, it ends up very cheap!

All that said, I do know that parting with $99 at once, isn’t always easy for people, so I will be making installment payment plans available. Doing this though, will cause a lot more administrative work for me, so the installment amounts will be a bit higher than if you paid in one go.

So, while the one off payment will be $99 (or $129 or $149), the installment payment plan will charge you: $37.50 every 4 months (so 3 times) from the moment you sign up (as long as sign up happens between October 3rd 2011 and 1st May 2012).

If you sign up after 1st May 2012 you will be able to pay in 2 installments of $56.25, and if you sign up after 1st September it will not be possible to pay in installments as then there are only 4 months left on the course, so the payment plan will then revert back to the one off payment of $99.


  • There will only be payment plans available for the basic package (not for the other two).
  • I will also make a [limited] very low payment plan available, for those with more financial trouble. This might be something like $13 a month or something along those lines but still need to think about this. This plan will only be available to about 10-15 people who fit the profile, as again: it adds massive administration work on my part.
  • Installments will be set up through paypal and automatically be taken out of your account every 4 months (or 1 month if you’re on the 1 month plan).
  • In order to stay true to my affiliates, you will need to go through 2 steps when setting up your installment payment plan. You will initially have to buy a “token sign up” for 0.5 cents through ejunkie and then set up your actual proper subscription payment through paypal. This way I can keep track of where you ‘came from’ and that way I can award the appropriate affiliate fee to the guest teachers (should you have come through one of their links). If this is confusing, don’t worry too much about it, just know there are two steps to the sign up process for installment payment plans.

Hope this helps clear up some questions about the plans!! If you have any more questions, pls do not hesitate to ask me.

I hope you will join us! It’s going to be awesome working together with these incredible teachers, making art, connecting, growing and developing for A WHOLE YEAR!!

So, come join us (Wyanne, Jane Davenport, Mystele, Rhomany, Samantha Kira, Connie Hozvicka, Gritty Jane (Jane DesRosier), Adriana Almanza, Goddess Leonie, Jodi Ohl, Bonnie Rose Bryan, Guadalupe Cabal, Effy Wild, Juliette Crane, and MEEEEEE :)))!

Registration opens on October 3rd!

Classes begin 1st of Jan 2012!

Big hugs! :-)

PS. don’t forget this ->>>>>

you are a wonderful expression of the universe

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