Inspiration Station: Jodi Ohl – Life Book Teacher Introductions!

Ola beautifuls!

It’s me again. And I’m back with another introduction to another fantabulous LB Teacher, it is the effervescent: Jodi Ohl.

Jodi, published in many a magazine and book, has this alluring style of whimsy mixed with grungy mixed with sweetness. :) She is about to embark on a new journey which is taking her into being an artist full time! (This week is her last day at work, she’s about to take the big plunge into a bottle of purple paint, I’m sure! ;)).

From cute little owls, to cupcakes, to little adorable houses, to colourful flowers in quirky compositions, Jodi’s art has a way to make you smile, and free you up on the inside and connect with the lighter and brighter things in life! :) I look at her art and can’t help but grin. 

What I love about her work

I kind of hinted at it already, but Jodi’s work has a way of making me smile and connect with a moment of lightness. Happy is the word I should use, yes happy. Jodi’s art = happy art. But, it’s not just happy, because again: mixed media layering, ‘grunge’ and distressed effects add that extra bit to her happy happy paintings. The mixed media ‘styling’ of her paintings add the depth to the joyful side of her quirky whimsy themed paintings. Also: her colour choices do really draw me in. Vivid, bright and attractive; it’s all there!

What I love about Jodi

From what I glean from Jodi’s life, she has a brave heart and is a really dedicated mother with 2 awesome little boys (we’ll be in the same boat soon, both with 2 boys!) Brave, because of taking the plunge into the bottle of purple paint (leaving her full time job at a bank) and I follow her on FB and read about her artistic and family life in which she comes across as a loving, caring mother as well as person. I’m also enjoying her passion for art, her enthusiasm for the Life Book project and her willingness and openness to collaborate with other artists. 
And guess what? She too is doing A HUGE GIVE AWAY ON HER BLOG RIGHT NOW!  
Click HERE, if you want to win a spot on Life Book or one of her original paintings! 
I’m very excited about having Jodi take part in teaching on Life Book, I’m sure you’ll enjoy her lesson(s) too! :) 
More tomorrow groovy people! 
with Love
Tam xoxo 
Oh, don’t forget, this -> 

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