Lou Lou & the waiting game

Lou Lou - detail 2

So, today is 3 days away from the official due date. I am swollen, huge and exhausted. Walking is a thing of the past, sitting I do fine and lying down I do quite well too. My concentration is waxing and waning, but I feel so much passion for the work that I do and my family, my Andy, Dylan, this new babe about to grace our lives. I feel privileged and blessed and so very very lucky.

I manage to sneak in little bits of art time here and there and have finished a new portrait, I call her Lou Lou. :)

Lou Lou - full painting

It was fun doing the layering in the hair. I’ve been playing with a few new materials lately: spray inks and acrylics inks. Yum. But guess what, I dropped a bottle of acrylics ink on the bottom of this painting!! Such a waste! I hadn’t fastened the lid tightly enough! I managed to salvage the painting though and in a way it was kind of a ‘happy accident’ as it gave an interesting extra layer!

Here another detail shot:

Lou Lou - detail 1 
Lou Lou is for sale, msg me if you’re interested. 

So, other than that; it’s the waiting game now. We’re all set, we’ve got all the hospital bags ready, house is ready to greet the new little one. I’m really excited about meeting this new babe, also; weary of the birthing process (my only consolation around doing this again is that they say that a second baby is much quicker!) Fingers crossed, fingers crossed, fingers crossed! I’m not looking forward to going through that kind of pain again, but hey, it’s gotta be done!

Also, of course, wondering about the impact this will have on little Dylan. I very much hope it’s not going to be too unsettling for him. And then also, I hope that the birth will go ok and that babe comes out happy and healthy (there is always the small fear about something going wrong!) And there is still the naming thing. Neither one of us is really excited about any of our chosen ‘maybe names’ which I don’t like. I’m hoping that maybe during the birthing process a name will come to me that overrides all of the ones on our list, otherwise, we’re going to look at him and then decide. It’s been so hard this time round to find a name for babe!

Anyhoo! In other news, I’ve just published the WEEKLY year schedule for Life Book which looks amazing! Click on the image below if you want to download it too, it looks just DELICIOUS to me! If I didn’t run this course myself, I’d definitely go on it. Ha ha! 

(Just click on the image to download the PDF).

Want to join the 360+ students 
who have already joined Life Book?! 
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