The waiting game

Well gosh! We did not expect this babe to take his sweet old time as he’s doing at the moment. You see, little Dylbee came bang on his due date, so we sort of assumed this one was going to do a similar thing! He was due on the 10th and it’s now the 14th, almost the 15th! (I know some babies go way over than just 4/5 days, but still!)
All household labour inducing remedies have been tried and none seem to have much of an effect. Gah. I don’t mind him being late, but but but, I don’t like the idea of being induced, and soon the medical people are going to be a bit twitchy and will want to interfere a bit. Also, the longer he takes, the bigger he’ll be and the harder he’ll be to push out! And, lastly; the placenta can start to deteriorate as well. All not fun things. So, I ask the bubba to please decide to come out sort of before this Wednesday (which is when my next midwife appt is and when she’s probably going to offer me a “cervical sweep”).

So, it feels like we’re in a bit of a ‘twilight zone’ at the moment. I hadn’t made any concrete plans for this week, or any plans at all but be with babe etc! Now, I find myself with a lot more time and space to do stuff (though my energies are incredibly low, so I mostly do low key painting and blogging and things like that, earlier, I had a nap too, it’s slow low key pace type of thing :)). 
I made a few paintings! I call them ‘wacky hair ladies’.  Hee hee. I already posted ‘Lou Lou’ the other day, and here are 3 more! Ariana, Made of Butterflies and Smokey: 



I think the last one’s face looks a bit like Tori Amos though it wasn’t intended. :) It’s real fun making these guys. I’m experimenting with spray inks and stencils, something I haven’t done some much in the past. Also, there is loads of rubber stamping and brayering going on in these pieces.

If you’re interested in buying any of them (though Ariana is sold already), have a look at my new art blog solely dedicated to the sales of my original art (I used to have shop on my site, but with the new dynamic blogger system, it’s much easier to maintain a shop/ sale place like this now, yay!).

My new blog is here:

So, anyway, no babe yet, so I’m around, though I’m low key on da intarwebs. :)

I AM however still signing up new students for Life Book and other courses.

If you want to join the 400+ students who’ve already joined Life Book, make sure to sign up 

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