A Tam Update! (Finally!)

 me, published, eee!

Ok, so I’ve decided I need to do more and shorter blog posts instead of few, endlessly long ones! I’ve been mulling over a blog post forever now, not finding time, writing bits and bobs here and there and continuously remembering other things that need to be included in the post! I’m never gonna get to actually post that way and my last blog post was over a month ago; that gives me twitchy eye! And though I have good reasons for having neglected my blog, I just don’t like it. I enjoy writing and I enjoy reading back over posts months and years later! So, without further ado, here is a mini update on all that has happened since I last wrote! :)

  • Elliot turned 6 weeks old this last Friday and he is amazing! He’s already doing lots of smiles (melt!) and responds vocally when you talk to him. He’s not too bad a sleeper and is generally a pretty chilled baby. Sleep – in particular – though I am never ‘well-rested’, is going a lot better than when I first had Dylan and I attribute this to the magic of ‘lying down breastfeeding when he wakes at night’. With Dylan I never ‘dared’ to do that because I worried I might suffocate him or the blanket might or or or other endless fears. Now, there are many less fears. We’re all a bit more chilled. So sleeping is more manageable than it ever was with Dylan.
    Here is his cute little smooshie face, smiling and all:

    Elliot – 4/5 weeks old
  • Speaking of lil Dylbee. He too is awesome. Though he does have tantrum and moody moments, he is generally a happy, cheerful, kind and well-adjusted little toddler man. His speech is going crazy now and he comes out with hilarious sayings and sweet stuff. He is also taking well to his little brother, though we are always vigilant because he can suddenly do something off like whack Elliot on the head out of nowhere (woops!). But overall, I worship the ground he walks on. It’s crazy how much love you can feel for a little person like that.

    Here he is:

    Dylbee - 27 months

    Dylan – 27 months old

  • I PASSED MY DRIVING TEST! Finally! After my first fail, I was very nervous to try again, but did it. I feel like a ‘proper’ grown up now. LOL. I can finally drive a car, after all those years!
  • I got published in Somerset Studio Magazine!!! Woohoooo! I’m SO proud! It’s the Jan/ Feb 2012 issue, AND, I will ALSO be published in Somerset Apprentice and Somerset Digital Magazines! (Which I think are the March editions). I feel so proud and humbled to have this opportunity to be published!! My goodness!

  •  Life Book has started off with an ALMIGHTY BANG! :-) Over 915+ people are now part of the experience and it’s going fantastic! People are enthusiastically doing the work, posting it in the forums and Facebook/ Flickr groups and supporting each other with love and encouragement! It’s truly humbling to see how wonderful everyone is to each other and the amazing art work they are already creating! It’s NOT TOO LATE to join the course, if you want to be part of the fun, SIGN UP HERE.

So, those were the quick up dates. But more has happened. I’ve had some personal spiritual and emotional insights which I won’t go into right now, but it did prompt me to choose my word for 2012 which will be:


(more specifically: “breaking open”, but more about this in another post).

And here some more pictures of the last couple of months!

Family Xmas Photo 2011 
Happy New Year from Us! :-) 
Here are some pictures I wanted to post a while back of Elliot’s and my labour. 
Early Labour Elliot

Early labour, still relatively ‘in control’, was trying to do Byron Katie type exercises on ‘pain’ thoughts which were mildly effective. I remember calling the pain ‘my friend coming to help me’. Ha ha. That changed later! It was no longer my friend but the “effing b*tch who could go to hell”! ;)

Second stage labour in birthing pool

Second stage, really wanting to be knocked out with anything at this point.
I would’ve agreed to a sledgehammer, I kid you not! 
It looks so serene doesn’t it? It was anything but! LOL!

Second stage labour in birthing pool

Elliot minutes after birth

Minutes after Elliot was born.

Elliot minutes after birth

Minutes after Elliot was born.

Big bro & lil bro

Big bro & lil bro. :)
So, that was my version of a ‘quick update’ ha ha. I don’t think I did too badly. ;) More stuff has happened and I want to write about more stuff in depth, but this will have to do for now.
Also, I’m aware of people suffering, which is always there for me. And I send out love love love and more love. 
Big hugs!

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