One example of why my job is awesome.

This is one example of why my job is so awesome. I received an email from Danielle that brought tears to my (and Andy’s) eyes. (Andy wants me to let you know though that he’s usually very tough! ;))

Thank you Danielle and Paul for sharing this with me. Paul, are you awesomesauce or what?! Thank you for being so amazingly loving and nurturing. I wish everyone had a person like you in their lives.

{Email posted with permission}

“Dear Tam –

I wanted to tell you about a special moment I shared with my husband thanks to LifeBook. 
I had just finished the artwork for week 5 when my husband Paul, came into my studio to see what I was up to.  I explained to him that there was a list of words that I had to choose from to describe myself and then add to my page.  I told him how I had to pick one word from each letter of the alphabet and then repeat the process as often as necessary with a new word.
Paul asked to see the list.  He then asked if he could choose the words.  I thought to myself, why not, if I didn’t like what he said, I just wouldn’t write it down.  Now, I must tell you that Paul and I are nearing our 60’s, and although we tell each other we love each other several times a day, every day, I didn’t know what to expect.
What ensued was a magical hour of his calling out qualities that he felt I have, and his telling me why he believed they described me.  When we were done, I felt so loved and so…. well…. so important.  All of my insecurities seemed to have vanished and I was just a well loved woman.  Not an overweight, greying, near-sighted, wheel-chair bound person. 
There I was safely ensconced in my studio, being flooded with positive loving words by the man I love.   I wish every person –  man, woman and child – could feel as I felt at that moment.  I don’t think I have ever felt so special or so powerful.
Thank you for making this moment possible.
Hugs and much love,
NB Danielle is referring a lesson conducted by the awesome Kylie Fowler who is one of the guest teachers of Life Book. :) 

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