Progress on WIP


Found some more time today to work on this irritating monster of a creation painting. Never before have I been faffing with the shading on a face for THIS LONG (and it’s still not done).

I nearly gave up on it this morning, but then pushed myself and muddled on like the sleep-deprived hero that I am. (And sleep deprived I AM, last night I slept 5 VERY interrupted hours only). And look; I even managed to give her a fairly alright new eye (instead of turning her into a pirate girl with an eye-patch).

But, it’s one of those paintings that is taunting me and bugging me and challenging me to the point of despair. The face shape is wonky (and I can’t get it ‘right’), the eyes are still wonky, though I’m happier with them now, her facial expression is too grumpy for my liking and I have no clue where that background is going. My inner critic is running rampant, but I suspect she is also more around because I am so sleep deprived which always means I have much less tolerance for anything that annoys me anyway.

Also, some paintings throw me into an artist identity crisis and this is one of them. I keep going from illustrator to painter to illustrator, not knowing who I am, who I want to be. The multiple creative personalities driving me crazy, ha ha! 

So, anyhoohah, I shall let it go now and sleep on this painting, ha ha, sleep! Like that’s gonna happen. ;)

Ok; The good news is; Dylan is better. He hasn’t thrown up in a day and the house has been diarrhea free for a whole day as well! The down side: Andy has now started to throw up, but he’s also on the mend.

I now hope that ‘business as usual’ will commence tomorrow (I’ve not actually been able to do proper work since last Wednesday! And that makes me nervous and all eye-twitchy!) – When your kid has an infectious bug, no childminder will come near you (rightfully so or they’ll pass it on to all the other kids, but still, doesn’t make it easy on us).

Ok, that’s me for today, hoping to get more than 5 hours sleep tonight.

Ta-ra mah babies. 

Oh, and here some pics of the last couple of days. :-)


BTW: can I just say: THANK YOU to all who leave comments on my blog! I always deeply appreciate hearing from you and love reading your thoughts. I don’t often reply though because I never think people actually GET the replies back as blogger’s comment system isn’t properly designed that way. You only get my comment back if you’ve remembered to tick the ’email me with follow up comments’ box or if you actively come back here to see if I’ve commented back. So, I imagine both those ways of receiving my comment back are a bit laborious and I don’t think a lot of people go through the hassle of doing either of those options, hence I don’t comment back unless I really want to say something! :) Nevertheless: I LOVE and appreciate YOU and your comments. <3

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