29 Faces & Teh Crazy

Woozah! Here is a LOVE BOMB for ya! :)  

Ok, it’s mental here and therefore I’ve decided to take part in the 29 Faces Challenge. This because apparently I’m insane and enjoy high blood pressure.

Ok, the truth is: I am jealous! Jealous of all those people who have the time and freedom to just make a portrait a day! “Me tooooo, me too” my inner neglected artist screeched! So, I said to her: “hush hush little one, I have an idea! How about you give yourself 15 minutes every day to draw a portrait, and then you can play too! Plus it’ll be an extra bit of challenge, do a portrait in 15 mins!

So Yay! Here is my first 15 minute face, I’m pretty proud of it!

So I know, I’m sort of a day behind, BUT, the challenge is to do 29 Faces in 31 days, so I’ve already ‘lost’ one day but I’m still within the challenge rules. And also, I’m giving myself permission not to do the 29 because my life is too busy as it is, though I’m gonna try like the muffins! :))) 
It was very cool to challenge myself to do it in 15 mins as well, because it meant I couldn’t really think about it too much and just go go go! Which is very different to what I usually do! :) Quite freeing actually!
Anywayz, here is new art I’ve been doing/ working on: 
Life Book – May – my lesson for Life Book this month is all about honouring the present, so we’re creating a calendar and will fill in a tiny bit of the calendar each month, like so:
Calendar Life Book 2nd May Calendar Life Book 2nd May 
And here are some shots of the second project, this lesson is based on a ‘focusing’ exercise, if you want to do it too, come join us on Life Book – totally cool to still join, for serious: 
Life Book page May 2012 Life Book page May 2012 
  Life Book page May 2012 

And lastly, here is a shot of a journal page WIP. I seem to be working on all sorts of little works in progress. The girl painting is still not finished either, aaah!

Journal Page WIP

I will be back with a new portrait/ face tomorrow (if life allows!). :D
This is what some people have said about it: 
“I loved this class. Not only was the work presented in an easy to understand set of PDFs and, more importantly, wonderfully made videos…but Tam, as instructor, comes across as a truly caring and nurturing person. I’ve never before taken an on-line class where I felt as if I was in the same room as the instructor…and that she really wanted her students to succeed and feel good about themselves. Thanks Tam, for a wonderful learning experience.” – Irene Watts, Las Vegas, NV USA


“A very well put together course, covering many aspects of portraiture in an easy to understand way, with a direct line to the instructor for tips, tricks, and helpful critiques.” – Emily Earl, Chatsworth, CA” 

“The course was the reason why a stayed awake till 1pm… to watch the new video ;)” – Nicole Walther, Germany

“You’re gonna learn to draw portraits easily and without stress because Tam is a lovely girl who takes time to explain and give all the details you need.” – Peggy Petit Paris, France”
“Fabulous Faces is a brilliant course, if you are interested in drawing and painting then you really should do this course.” – Julie Stenning, Forest of Dean, UK

“If you’ve never had ART training before but would like to try out to see if you can bring out that little artsy side of yourself, you’ll be amazed how far you can go with Willowing’s course. She runs this online Art workshops in a very safe and encouraging environment. She gives you extensive content full of information in her high quality videos and you get to network with students. She gives special attention to every single student in a caring manner. It’s really amazing and I highly recommend taking one of her workshop.” – Sung-Hee (Regina) Hong – Toronto, Ontario, Canada 

“One of my biggest handicaps with drawing the human body has always been faces, so I have always stayed away from faces. This course has given me the freedom to try, make mistakes and try again, to the point where I am now comfortable to draw faces. The teaching was comprehensive, and very easy to understand. This was also the next best thing to being in a classroom. Learning at my own pace meant no pressure, and feedback always encouraging. A very pleasurable course.” – Kelly, Japan
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