Portrait 3 – 29 Faces

Potrait nr 3 - 29 Faces


Ok, I wasn’t able to do a face yesterday as my child care didn’t work out (isn’t it crazy how everything falls apart when your childcare doesn’t turn up? Drives me crazy!), but I begged the husber to give me an hour or so this morning and so I did a portrait and made up for not doing one yesterday by spending more time on this one! Not really quite finished yet, but am pretty happy with her candy cotton type hair and soft expression. :) Want to do some more sketchy ones as well though! :)


Potrait nr 3 - 29 Faces


Potrait nr 3 - 29 Faces


Oh, also update the calendar:




Calendar May 4th & 5th


And this an eensy weensy bit of art journaling in a small new moleskine which I want to dedicate to Elliot and Dylan, mostly with affirming messages in it for them when they’re older and with cool instagram iPhone photos I’ve done of them, and Andy and me. :-)


Some art journalling with instagram photos and wasi tape :)


And lastly, this is a photo I took ages ago of beautiful lavender. There is an iPhone app called ‘Phonto’ which allows you to add text easily and so I’m creating inspiring, uplifting photo msgs on instagram/ iPhone, just for you! :)


You are good enough


Happy weekend everyone!


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