Elliot is 6 months old!

Elliot 6 months old today

My new little man was 6 months old yesterday. Well. it’s been a ride – so far! :)

This boy is eager to get going, he already army crawls around the room grabbing anything and everything he can get his little hands on. It’s hilarious because he can’t really crawl yet, but he just squirms his body towards the general direction of the object of his desire and he gets there. He is so determined.

He lights up a room with his infectious smile and giggle; he has the best face ever when he smiles. My mum described his face as ‘guitig’ in Dutch, which I suppose is similar to ‘jolly’, and it’s true, when he’s happy, he’s so jolly.

He is a terrible sleeper, waking me up a lot at night, but because I l feed him while lying down, it’s just about doable, though I do think I’m slowly creeping towards the brink of sleep-deprived insanity. Hopefully this will improve, like it did with Dylan.

Unlike Dylan, Elliot does love his boobie milk but can also leave it, at times, for more interesting ventures; he gets distracted easily during feeds.  Which I’m surprised about because Dylan’s absolute favourite thing ever, was to breast feed. This one not so much.

Elliot has also started to babble: lots of bah bah bahs. It’s a beautifully gorgeous sound.

He is very perceptive. He notices things like when someone wears a towel on their head or sunglasses on their face (it confuses him to no end producing hysterical facial expressions).

Elliot also; loves bouncing, is incredibly strong and smells like sunshine.

He has just started on solids, but is only mildly impressed with it. His first encounter with a banana was one of ‘quoi’? But now, bread, organic biscuits and some apple are experimented with.

His eyes are blue, grey, brown & green like his brother’s and they’re changing colour every day. I think they’re going towards brown.

When upset, he screeches and howls like a banshee. You (and everyone else in the neighbourhood) knows when Elliot is not happy. 

It’s not been easy with an extra babe around. Managing a toddler’s weird pre-teen hormones and then a new baby’s needs as well is tough, but I maintain that Elliot is the perfect addition to our little family. I feel he completes us as a family and adds a touch of humour and a whole load of magic to the mix.

Happy 6 month bday Elbieboo. <3

Elliot 6 months old today Elliot 6 months old today

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