The magic of being understood.

I  just sat here crying my eyes out because of Aimee (from Artsyville)’s awesome creation called: ‘The Things We Do”.

If you don’t know her art, she is does these wonderfully colourful written pieces of art that speak to me so so much! The booklet I’m linking to above is about ‘all the things we do’ for our children. She’s shared several pages on instagram and on her blog already and these pre-reads just move me so deeply.

As a frazzled, sleep-deprived parent, reading the pages, I feel so so understood and like ‘I’m not alone’. Of course I know I am not alone, but reading a booklet like this that describes all the ludicrous stuff we do as parents is somehow so moving to me. I couldn’t help but cry. Ha. Now, I’m laughing though, but earlier, I cried, happy tears.

This parenting thing, it’s so insanely crazy and difficult on so many levels and to be reading her words is like receiving a bucket load of empathy or something. :)

Of course I just bought the booklet, yay! Can’t wait to share it with Andy.

If you’re a new parent, you might like this booklet too, you can buy it here (I have no affiliation with Aimee, just sharing the awesomeness).

Here are some excerpts:

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