Dylan turns three. <3

Dear beautiful amazing Dylan,

You’re sitting right next to me at the moment watching one of your favourite TV shows: “Kipper the Dog”. I don’t get a lot of time nowadays to write you birthday letters, what with you having a little brother now and me having a business to run, but I want to keep with the tradition of writing you a birthday letter every year. So, I’m sneaking bits of time to write to you now, 10 days after your 3rd birthday. Dylan, baby Dylan, you turned 3 years old. Can you believe it? :)

Oh man, little boy, this year, wow. You. have. LEAPED (again!). You went from a little 2 year old with only a few words under his belt to a fully fledged talker. You talk, talk, talk TALK, shout, talk, talk, talk, SCREAM, and sometimes you whisper, when I ask you to. :)

This year saw you becoming fully confident on many levels. You now walk with the nonchalance of one who’s always walked, you run with joy, and skip in between. In playgrounds; you climb ladders, go down slides and chase after pigeons, pretty much independently. I can actually sit down and not worry (too much) about you cracking your head open one way or another, hurrah! (But of course now I’m concerned for your baby brother who is a riot all by himself, but this letter is about you my beautiful Dylan).

Dylbee, you are an interesting and -so I hear- typical toddler. You do the whole ‘tantrum for no apparent reason’ thing pretty well. It was only a couple of days ago that the end of the world had come for you because your daddy had cut a pear in half. Clearly, it should’ve stayed whole. There are forces at work here that your daddy and I do not understand but obviously you do. I’m starting to think that each time we cut a piece of fruit in half, a little pixie falls dead somewhere, but only you can tell …

As tired as they make me, I do love them. A lot.


This year had us introduce you to your new brother Elliot. At the moment, you love your brother UNLESS he touches your prized toys. That’s clearly a no go and you let him and the rest of the neighbourhood know by screeching ungodly sounds.

Elliot loves you (but not when you lie on top of him). He loves it when you make funny faces and chase after him. He has a special smile on his face and a twinkle in his eye just for you. I’m sensing a special brotherly bond being forged here. Long may it continue (I hope).




Possibly your most favourite activity currently is ‘to be naked’. You often come to me at any time of day and say with a cute smile: “Mummy, I want to be naked“. Once all your kit is of, you frolic around like the happiest puppy in the world. You also have little regard for what is ‘appropriate’ naked etiquette or naked talk. Yesterday you told me you were ‘painting your leg with your poo‘. In horror I looked and with relief noticed you were not, but way to make mummy’s blood pressure rise! And the other week you were running around naked and poked your bum out at your dad and said with glee: ‘Look daddy, it’s my bum! Touch it! It’s very nice! It smells of flowers’ I am glad you have no body issues and hang ups yet. I hope you’ll never get them either.


Dylan, I love you. Sometimes I just marvel at you, your incredible light. I marvel at the fact that you came out of me. That you are shaped the way you are. That your spirit is kind and gentle and somewhat deep and passionate. Your stunning brown/ green/ hazel eyes, the quizzical look on your face when you’re trying to figure stuff out. Your deep sorrow at things only toddlers can comprehend. The hilarious things you say. Your golden yellow hair, the soft little kisses you’ll suddenly give my arm out of the blue. You possess me. My heart, my soul are yours, your brother’s and your dad’s. You have me, completely.

This boy does not want to get out of the water. :)

You went on your first summer holiday to Spain (Malaga) and loved swimming in the pool! You had such a great time!

This year also saw you becoming closer to your friend Eve who is lovely and enjoys going on bouncy castles with you. Oh! Bouncy castles: your 2nd favourite thing of all time! I bet you would explode with excitement if you could go naked on a bouncy castle! And guess what? We hired one for your birthday this year. You loved it!

Dylan & Eve on a bouncy castle – August 2012

You also love trains. All kinds of trains, big ones, small ones, blue ones, green ones named Thomas or Chugginton or Bobby the Blue Train (a story I made up for you), you. love. trains. Also; helicopters, cars and boats. Anything that involves transport really, buses, too. You love going on them! You are easily pleased (long may it continue!) I went on the bus with you the other day and you made everyone on it smile with your excitement. A person got off the bus and you said: ‘ooooh, look! the person is getting off!’ like it was a special bus miracle created just for you. Then someone came on and loudly you exclaimed: “Looook! People are coming ON the bus!” with the same miracle appreciation tone. I wish I still appreciated simple things like that. Dyl, always continue to appreciate the little things in life, it makes it so much more fun that way! :) You really DO know how to have fun.

You are easily prone to something called ‘bronchiolitis’ which sadly, means you end up in hospital a lot with breathing problems. I say sadly, but you don’t mind it, you quite like your hospital trips. In fact, the other day you’d been there again for a night with your dad and when you came back I asked you where you’d been and you said: ‘on holiday‘. :)

Ok, food. You’re not big on veg, frustratingly. You eat loads of fruit though but you are a fussy eater. While in your 2nd year of life you could take or leave things like chocolate or cake, this year you have come to understand that certain foods are more tasty than others and we now often have to ‘battle’ you on the amount of chocolate/ cake/ icecream/ donuts and or biscuits you get! If it was up to you, you’d eat chocolate every time of day every day of the week. The current rule is that Saturday is treat day. Almost every day you ask me: ‘Is it Saturday today?’

More of your current favourites: bubbles, Peppa Pig, the Heffalump, cheese sticks, smelling flowers, dancing with daddy (still), swimming, you had a phase where you really liked the Gruffalo but now you’re a bit scared of him which is totally understandable, the Gruffalo is a scary one! :)

You love your daddy. Nowadays you sleep with him instead of me and Elliot. We had phase where you and Elliot slept with me in the bed together but that caused me to go bananas, so then we transitioned you to sleep with your dad which is now a -mostly- successful arrangement. You are very close to your daddy now and have a deep trust and love between you.

The Dylan and Daddy dance. Speaking of sleep: you finally got that one figured out (thanks!) Even though the ‘where’ is changeable, the how and the how long are pretty much consistent now. Thank you God for that as your brother is Elliot is making up for that: his sleep is ATROCIOUS, but that’s another matter.

Dylan, Dylan, Dylan. I often think ahead and wonder what your life will be like and I want you to know: I love you, unconditionally. I believe in you, unconditionally. Be kind and gentle with yourself. Don’t take life too seriously, you are worthy, you are good enough. You are amazing, just as you are. Don’t believe you are anything less than magical star dust. You make me beam with love and pride. Happy 3rd birthday baby boy. Happy birthday.

I will love you forever.

Your mummy.


Snuggles with the big one :)

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