Snow Queen

A lot is going on in casa del Tammo. ;) First up, a new painting! I call her ‘Snow Queen’. White dots are love, so it seems. I hope you like her, she is for sale too, see details below. 

12 x 16 inches on hotpressed watercolour paper (140lbs)

Materials: acrylics, watersoluble crayons, graphite

£95 GBP
(+ £10 shipping)

Buy Now




Here are more details shots: 

I really loved working in these darker tones. The purples and magentas really fitted my mood, autumn is here, winter on her way, the colours really fitted.

In other news: last week was not a great week for parenting. It was just so hard over here in the Mason-Laporte household. There was one morning where we went from one meltdown to Greek drama to screaming to pushing to simply losing our shit. By the end of it I was so totally going to give both of them up for adoption. There was a lot of this basically:

It's not been an easy morning ...
FYI: he was crying here because he couldn’t get the chocolate egg immediately. He had to wait until we’d paid for it …

Then, the week went by and we somehow got through all the drama and now everything feels so different again. It’s amazing how changeable everything is. I never expected it to be this intense, this stressful and also: this amazing. This morning, I said to Dylan: “I love you so much Dylan” and he said: “I love you too mummy”. That was probably the first time he actually said it like that with some sort of understanding of what it means, and the good old cliché welled up in me: it’s all so worth it

But I didn’t think that having children was going to be so emotionally exhaustive. Give me any – all of the physical jobs: changing nappy, feeding them, clothe them, read to them, play with them etc: no problemo, but dealing with their relentless emotional meltdowns, fights over toys, shouting, screaming etc, now that I find so so very exhausting. One melt down a day: ok I can deal, but 6 meltdowns before 9am: dude I so unsubscribe …

But yes, we’re back to cute little toddler faces adorned by awesome bear hats, like so:


I'm rather partial to bear hats and especially on my big kid :)

One of my favourite pictures ever of him! :) I suppose you just gotta keep going (you can’t not).

In more other news. I am someone who’s struggled with my health for many years, both because I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and I’ve always had weight/ food issues. After 2 pregnancies I’m now at the heaviest weight I’ve ever been and I’m worried about my health and fed up. I always try to get control of my health again, but I’m finding it very hard at the moment with the sleep deprivation, running a business and having the 2 little ones. The one thing I find that helps me a lot to stay on track with my food plans and not just mindlessly eat if I’m: angry, sad, tired, bored, happy etc, is to remain aware and conscious of what I’m doing. And I stay aware of what I’m doing by filling in a daily sort of journal. Well, at least: I try to do so every day. And when I do, it helps me a lot, but it’s not enough.

And so I’ve been thinking on how I can really make a radical difference to my health in a kind, gentle and loving way (rather than the: starve myself, over exercise, stress myself into being healthier) and I thought: if I do this with a bunch of people and we all encourage each other and keep checking in with each other, this might actually really work.

Soooooooo. I’m currently working on a 28 days Wellness Program called: “Radical Wellness with Willowing” which will include a massive PDF which participants can print out and keep a health journal in. It will be all pretty with positive affirmations, gratitude lists, meal plan options etc and then I’ll be sending out daily emails plus we’ll do art videos each week as well. Sound good no? If you’re reading this, can you let me know if you might be interested in this? :) It’ll probably be like £40 GBP for 28 days of emails, encouraging each other and weekly art videos. Eee. I’m excited to finally be taking control of my health this way and doing it with each other (not sure when I’m launching the course yet, but I’m currently already testing out the beautiful PDF and it’s SO helpful).  Anyway, I don’t really even have time for this, but I’m trying to change some of my priorities so that it serves my health more. :) So, this is in the pipeline people! :)

I’m also wanting to create another mini workshop which is likely going to be with a Christmas theme, I thought we could all make a cute Whimsy Christmas Character together and then I can also show you guys how to produce Christmas cards with your own creation through Cool idea no? :) So more in the pipe line.

What else? Like this post isn’t already long enough eh?! ;)

Oh, some more new art, a work in progress though and I’m kinda stuck, not sure where to take this next:


New WIP. Kinda stuck with it though. Mm.

I really like her face though, something wistful about her.

Ok, lastly, I started reading this book called: “Dying to Be Me”. It’s about a woman who had a near death experience while she was ravaged by cancer. Then she came back from it and miraculously healed her body that was entirely given up by the medical people. I love her account of her experience while she was in a coma, it matches the experiences of some other people I’ve heard talk about their near death experiences. It makes me feel reassured and more at peace about death and what happens next. I’m also fascinated by the fact that many of the after death/ near death accounts share very similar experiences which for me confirms the credibility of it all. Anyhoo, I’m only sort of half way, but I recommend the book! :)

That’s it for me today.

Love & Light. x Tam x

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