Mixed Media Art Doll Angel (and other dolls!)

Oh you guys. :) I’m sooo proud of this mixed media art doll angel which I created for my ‘Artsy Ornaments’ workshop lesson! I’m kind of a closeted art doll obsessive! Ha. The majority of my work is mostly 2d (painting/ drawing/ collage/ illustration) but I oh so love quirky art dolls, stuffed toys and making other 3d things! I just don’t have the time to do it that much (they can take up a lot of time and depending on the materials you use: make a huge amount of mess too!) :)

Anyhoo, when Christy asked me if I wanted to teach on her ‘Artsy Ornaments’ workshop I was super excited and thought it was THE PERFECT time to do a mixed media art doll lesson, yay! :D

So, this is what we’ll be making on the workshop:






Isn’t she SUPER PRETTY? I think she is one of the prettiest things I’ve ever made!!! :D

If you want to learn how to make her, come sign up to the workshop here, it opens on 19th November and you not only get my lesson but ANOTHER 11 lessons by 11 other fabulous teachers too!

Awesomejuice, yep.

Here are some other art dolls I’ve made in the past! :D I simply LOVE creating 3D dolls out of my 2d characters! :D


You Matter 8

You Matter 5








Hope you enjoyed seeing my little collection of art dolls! I often don’t put them up for sale as they are so close to my heart, but if you’re interested in one, let me know! (The ‘You Matter’ one above is already sold though). xoox
And remember, if you want to learn how to make a doll like the angel, come join the Artsy Ornaments Workshop Here.

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