Winners, winners and more winners. :)

It feels like Christmas around here! And I’m Santa! Playing Santa is mighty fun! I have give away winner announcements and also: scholarship awardS (yes, you see an S there because though our anonymous donor had initially planned to hand out only one, we got so many moving applications that she promptly added 2 more scholarships in the mix and I added 3 too! So 6 lucky people are getting a Life Book 2014 scholarship!! Let’s start with them shall we?

Life Book 2014 Scholarships have been awarded to:

Maria Olsen
Cindy Wagner
Jan Johnson
Sanne Middendorp-van der Wegen
Meagan Sokol
Mindy Simmons


Congratulations everyone!

(all winners have been emailed)

(For all those who have applied but did not see their name on the list above: I’m so sorry petal, it was a tough and very close close call. A follow up email will come through next week and don’t give up hope, other sponsors might still come through too, big hugs) x


If you are someone who feels called to help a fellow human being out and you would like to donate a Life Book scholarship, please do so. There are so many people out there who could really benefit from Life Book but simply can’t afford it. You will bring rainbows, moonbeams, love and sparkle to another human being. Email me for more details willowing AT

Now for more winners!! YAYYYYY!

1 Space on Artsy Ornaments 2013 Winner:

Sylwia Gryczuk



4 Winners of my Stencils:

Janis in ID: winnerstencils4
La Osita Creativa: 







Sanet Richter: winnerstencils1 

Winner of Dawn’s Book Doodle Circle:

Sigrun Linda Karlsdottir:



Would all winners please email me on willowing AT



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