A Life Book Love Story plus Stags & Patterns

Hey ho beautiful reader! :) Thanks for dropping by, I hope you know how much I love you for reading and witnessing my life, my story. :) Today I wanted to share another Life Book Love Story with you, written by the wonderful Sigga Dis. Life Book has such a positive and meaningful impact on people’s lives, it warms my heart and soul every day. :)

Before I share her story with you, I just wanted to show you what I’ve been working on for my next Life Book lesson in June (next week Monday!). Recently I’ve developed a love for deer and stags! For some reason they keep coming to me. And whatever comes to me also usually makes its way into a Life Book lesson! I find that bringing my most up to date passions into the lessons benefits the students most because you know: excitement is infectious!! :)  On Monday the Life Book students will learn how to draw their own stags and I’m also asking them to work with pattern and repeated symbols. It’s super fun, here are some pics (btw: you can still sign up to Life Book, you’ll get access to all previous published content and you’ll be able to download all the videos and PDFs!):



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egHere is Sigga Dis‘ Life Book Love Story (thank you Sigga!):

It all started in October 2011. I was browsing online and I saw a picture that I liked. I decided to be bold and contact the artist on Facebook to ask her if she offered any online seminars. She directed me to Tam & Willowing Arts.

A new world opened to me, the world of art. I am 54 years old and I am an art teacher. I have been painting and drawing since before I can even remember. I also liked cutting and pasting but I never knew that I could mix all of that together into one piece and call it mixed media.

On the Willowing Arts website I found out about Life Book, a year long seminar with a variety of teachers who all had in common that they were mixed media artists. I signed up but the seminar didn’t start until January 1st so I chose to take another course by Tam called Fabulous Faces, which was one of the free seminars offered as part of  one of the Life Book packages. That was one of the best things for me, I learned from Tam to draw beautiful faces and paint them, but this was just the beginning.


When Life Book finally started the adventure began. I could barely wait for new assignments. I sat by the computer waiting, ready with my brushes. This was amazing, I felt how I was filled up with confidence, and I received beautiful comments about my work. That encouraged me. I fell in love with Life Book, this was what I wanted to do. There I started to feel like an artist, and a few months later I was able to stand up and call myself as an artist, something that I never would have done before.

I got to know many amazing artists though Life Book, Tam was wonderful, I could always turn to her and she always replied promptly. I learned about her family, the birth of her beautiful sons, her moving and more. She owns a little part in me.


One day after an assignment from one of the teachers something happened, I painted and painted non-stop and before I realized I had made over 40 paintings of women that I then called My Lovely Ladies. It took me up to 10 hours to finish each of them. They were all my friends, I loved them, they were all unique in their own way, and each had a place in my heart. I had 1 exhibition with them to begin with, and then in a short amount of time I had 3 more exhibitions. My Lovely Ladies sold one after another; I got great critics and warm reviews. I was an artist.

Since then I have been painting and painting, I signed up for Life Book 2013 and continued to paint. I have gained confidence and self-assurance, I can stand up and defend my art and if someone compliments me I can say thank you. Before I excused my self-saying I wasn’t that good.

Today I have stacks of artwork that I have made over the past two years, I have grown in my artwork , I become happier with my work and I see how I’m more mature. I have my work at a gallery, I sell online, print books with my work, cards, bookmarks, and other various items. I get requests where people ask me for specific things, I am ecstatic.


I thank Tam, Willowing and the community around it for all this. I cannot think of my life without Life Book, It is my Bible today. I have gained so many friends all over the world, some I talk to every day, and these amazing friends all have that in common that they love to create. I think I will participate in Life Book every year, I cannot think of being without it and the wonderful people there.

Tam I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart, you have changed my life so much to the better. Words can’t describe how much!

Today I say my name is Sigga Dis, and I’m an artist, and I say it proud!

You can find Sigga in these place: 




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