And the winners are!!

Holy quacamole groovy art gang! You guys were excited about my big juicy give away! To be honest: me tooooooo! :) So without waffling on, I will quickly says: THANKS SO MUCH YOU GUYS! For spreading the word, for being enthusiastic about me, my art, my work, my story, my life!! :) *mega group hug*


Okaayyyyyyy, and the winners are *drum rollllll*:


1. A life long free pass to all of Tam’s courses!

+ a $50 dick blick gift card!




Goes to:

Robin W


2. A free space on Tam’s up and coming Business Course!

+ $30 dick blick gift card!


Blick Gift Card

Goes to:



3. A free space on Life Book 2014

+ $20 dick blick gift card!


Goes to:

Shauna Henry


4. Access to 7 of Tam’s mini classes

(winner chooses)

+ $10 dick blick gift card!



Goes to:

Little Bird


5. Access to the 5 of Tam’s mini classes

(winner chooses)

+ $10 dick blick gift card!



Goes to:

Gemma Mags


6. Access to 3 Summer Series Mini Classes
(Summer Gypsy, Summer Goddes, Summer Fae)


Goes to: 

 Peggy Lindenthaler

7. A space on any of my self study courses

(not including Life Book 2014)


Goes to:

Tanya McAlexander 


8. 1 Free Print from my etsy shop

(winner’s choice)


Goes to:

Dorothy B

9. 1 Set of 10 Tam postcards

 Goes to:

Karen Itzenhuiser

10. 1 Set of 5 Tam postcards + 1 pocket mirror of choice



Goes to: 

Lindsey Piereder


Congratulations to all the winners!!

If you’ve won please email myself or Gracie on:

willowing.arts AT

to collect your prize!!


Thanks for playing everyone!

you. are. loved

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