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Muse Erato 8

Muse Erato of Love Poetry

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Hello my beautiful creative friends! :)

Guess what? I’m part of the teaching team of Muse Merriment – a wonderful collaborative course organised by Kelly Hoernig (who is a lovely contributor to Life Book!)! It’s this awesome course all about the 9 Greek Muses! My muse is Erato of Love Poetry (awwwww so romantic! totally suits me!)

About the course Kelly says:

“The inspiration for wanting to create an e-course around the 9 Muses came when I was reading “The War of Art” by Steven Pressfield. When he mentioned that they were sisters with the sole purpose to inspire artists, I set out to find more information. In doing this research

I discovered that each sister had their own way to inspire.
My favorite line and the one I really want to focus on for this e-course came from “The Muses in Greek Mythology.” It reads, “the Muses supported and encouraged creation, enhancing imagination and inspiration of the artist.” I find that line and the fact that they wanted to dedicate their entire lives to this very powerful and moving.
I am thrilled to be joined by these creative artful women who are muses of their own doing. Meet the teachers – Tamara Laporte, Danita, Deb Hill, Lisa Lavoie, Rachelle Panagarry, Effy Wild, Susana Tavarres, Golda Rader and Kris Binsfeld.
Each teacher will be introducing themselves and their muse plus how she inspired them to create their project. The project lesson and coordinating PDF. A short video on where they find their inspiration, their muse and their creativity. It is going to be a wonderful adventure full of creative ideas to keep you going and going.
Lessons start every Monday, August 25-October 27 plus you will have an additional 8 months in the classroom until July 1, 2015. There will also be a Facebook group set up to share your creations, your muses and inspirational secrets. I look forward to getting to know you better! 
Sincerely, Kelly Hoernig “
I’m really excited about this course and I’ve already finished my lesson for you guys. It’s brimming with techniques! I’ll show you step by step how to create a front facing portrait, we’ll shade it and then we create a beautiful mixed media messy background!! :)  I made such a pretty lady (even if I say so myself!) Here are some close ups of the painting. I’ll show you step by step how I made this painting if you’ll join this course!
Click HERE to sign up!

Muse Erato 6
Muse Erato 5
Muse Erato 2

Muse Erato 7

Sign up for 10 weeks of artful playing – ONLY $78

You’ll learn from 10 wonderful teachers including myself! Let’s get in touch with our inner muses!

PS. You see that little star inside the heart in my watermarks there? yes yes, I HAZ A LOGO NOW! :D (I’m doing a blog post about that soon, keep an eye, I’m so excited about it!)


See you on Muse Merriment dear friends!

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