Feeling not Good Enough? Free Meditation & PDF for you!

Hey there dear friend. Do you sometimes suffer from ‘not-good-enough-itis‘? Do you sometimes forget your untainted, pure sacred soul spark? Do you forget how much you matter? And do you forget how needed you are? Does negative thinking cloud your heart? Do your thinkie thoughts sit in the way of your happy? Do you regret mistakes and worry about the future? Do you think you’re just a no-good loser that can’t get their shit together? Have you forgotten your {soul} home? Where you come from? Have you forgotten that you are a wild, juicy, incredible expression of the universe? An expression of the universe that is meant to have JOY, feel FREE and be dizzyingly FABULOUS?

I understand, me too dear one. I forget. Ah man. So bloody often. Sometimes I remember, I get glimpses of that beauty, the beauty that I am, I can sense my worth and value and how unconditionally loved I am but then, suddenly BAM mind comes in and I forget again.. Stuff can get dark inside my head sometimes. It’s no fun in there, lots of judgements, ridicule, eye-rolling. I know that place well dear friend. Don’t, for one minute, think that I am in some sort of magical different place than you (sometimes zhe peoples of the world put me on a pedestal forgetting that I too am just flawed and dysfunctional in my own charming ways! ;)) . I think it’s the human condition to have insecurities, to suffer, to BE CONNED by your mind into believing what it thinks about you.

And on my better days, I know differently, I know this and really want you to know this too:

Your mind, it’s feeble, easily influenced and can’t help but lie to you. Look, it really thinks it’s ‘right’, but it has super limited information, it’s very VERY biased, it’s been influenced by people who are trying to sell us stuff like wedding dresses and toothpaste, your mind,  it’s not as advanced as it thinks it is and it relies on a lot of faulty, incomplete information.

DON’T TRUST YOUR MIND. I mean: don’t trust your mind when it comes to judging YOU. Mind is good for some things, it’s good at organising birthday parties & shopping trollies, it’s good at doing spreadsheets, noticing if the traffic light is red or green and it can usually guide you quite well boiling an egg mayhaps. It can give you tips on changing a light bulb, running when a lion is after you and it helps you brush your hair, but it has little to no clue about how worthiness is defined, what beauty is, how and why you are crucially essential and important as part of the whole and why you are innately and unconditionally loved. It just can’t quite comprehend the hows and whys, it’s  young, your mind, it can’t help it. It’s need to be treated with a sort of ‘there there now, hush’ attitude. The thinkie thoughts are sometimes super useful when you need to do practical things (make a brie sandwich), but it can cloud and sometimes royally screw over the real you, your REAL meaning, purpose, value and worth. It’s important you remember that dear friend. <3

A good way to notice your inner light (I’ve been told) is by being still. Which is like the most impossible task for me like ever. LOL. After about 3 seconds of ‘still’ my mind goes: “helloooooooo? helluuuuu? whatsa happening over here, it’s so quiet, whyyyy? let’s sing a song la la laaaaa. what’s going over there? what happened to the emails?  are the avocados ripe,  oh look a butterfly. oh I think we were meant to be still.” Silent meditation is like my kryptonite. I have a few friends who go on silent meditation retreats (one of them went for 6 months once) and just the thought of it makes me hyperventilate and want to throw up a little. LOL.

Anyhoo, so an alternative for me is; GUIDED meditation, yeaeaeah muuuuch better, someone talks, I listen and look at the pretty pictures in my head. Me likey! :)

And because it’s my preferred way of reaching a stillness (of some sorts) or connect with my unblemished inner light, I like creating guided meditations too! :) I did quite a few for Radical Wellness***   last year, and I’ve done a few for Life Book this year too!

And so because I know how painful it can be to suffer from ‘not-good-enough-itis‘ (man it hurts like a mother-forker), I wanted to give you a guided meditation for free today which is actually part of a my Life Book **** lesson this week. I normally don’t give Life Book stuff away, but noticing quite a bit of self-judgement and despair around, I thought many of you could really benefit from this too, so I wanted to share cos I loves ya I do, don’t I? ;) <3

So this meditation is a guided meditation which aims to help you connect you with your ‘sacred inner strength or light’, it includes a list of positive affirmations. If you listen to it, it’ll help you feel relaxed and remember your innate worth & value. It’ll help you feel more confident, strong and it will put you in touch with your ‘good-enoughness’ :) Yayyyy! :) I hope it helps you dear one. Listen to it as often as you like! :)


Download the MP3 here

(listen just before you go to sleep for optimum effect!) :)


I’m also including a FREE PDF with Positive Affirmations for you to download and use personally as you need/ please (to download right-click on image or on this link and choose: save target/ link as – pls only for personal use):



For this week’s accompanying art lesson I guided the students to draw their ‘Sacred Inner Eye’ (which sees their worth and value), isn’t it pretty? ->


Inner Sacred Eye

Sacred Eye detail 2

Sacred Eye detail

PS. **** You can still sign up to Life Book and learn to make amazing art and share your work with a like-minded group of AMAZING creative souls (almost 2800 people have signed up! Don’t miss out on the fun!)

PPS.*** Quite a few of you have asked if Radical Wellness might run again this year and the answer is: maybe. I really want to run it again and have a load on my plate so not sure yet,but if you sign up to the newsletter you will get updates about that sort of stuff.

PPS. Your Light is BIG (SO big)

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