Winners of Everything! :-)

First up: you are all winners even if you didn’t win a prize today. You are awesome, I believe in you, you rock and can do anything you want in life. Yes you! :)

Now that that’s out of the way; I’m sorry if you’ve not won any of the prizes we have been giving away, you’re still awesome and amazing and you can still do anything you want in life! (It’s also not a sign from the universe that ‘you were not meant to do this‘ – you are dearest you are! – let’s leave that kind of superstition behind today!)

If you were hoping to win a space on Life Book 2015 and you haven’t, and you struggle financially, please contact us to organise a personalised payment plan for you. We want you to be part of this. We want you to experience the inspiring and healing power of art making and the payment plans make it doable. <3 (email: willowing.arts AT xoxo

Now then, here is a list of the winners of the give-aways we’ve recently been running. Many congratulations to all the lucky winners!

We have also had an incredibly generous anonymous donor who has donated 3 scholarship places on Life Book 2015. Those recipients have also been listed below. Yay!

To claim your prize/ scholarship please email us on willowing.arts AT, so we can set you up. Big hugs, you rock.

Life Book 2015 – Blog Hop Winners

Via Tamara Laporte – KymmieJo

Via Tamara Laporte – The Gypsy Magpie

Via Tamara Laporte – Matti Vann

Via Tamara Laporte – Anne Weeks

Via Tamara Laporte – Tonya Dull

Via Tamara Laporte – Teri Pastorino

Via Tamara Laporte – Pat Schafer

Via Tamara Laporte – Christy Diaz Necaise

Via Tamara Laporte – Lisa Rogers

Via Tamara Laporte – Anne Gaal

Via Flora Bowley – Sharon Cullen

Via Jenny Lee Wentworth – Saskia Imbert

Via Alisa Burke – Michelle McKillop

Via Violet Clark – Carol Mc

Via Chris Zydel – Michelle Lake

Via Rachael Rice – Cathy Potosky

Via Joanne Sharpe – Jacki Young

Via Jane Davenport – Ellie Jacques Capon

Via Danielle Donaldson – Stephanie Sharp

Via Effy Wild – Mejewel

Via Jeanne Oliver – TBA

Via Andrea Gomoll – Tina Peterson Sawyers

Via Kristin van Valkenburgh – Gemma Mags

Via Jill K. Berry – Melanie

Via Alena Hennessy – Genevieve Camp

Via Juliette Crane – Rachal Edwards

Via Jenny Doh – TBA

Via Mati Rose – Prerna Poojara

Via Patti Ballard – TBA

Via Lynzee Lynx – TBA

Via Roben-Marie Smith – Cat Von Hassel-Davies

Via Andrea Schroeder – Lin Schussler-Williams

Via Lynn Whipple – Juniper Stokes

Via Donna Downey – Nicole Bray

Life Book 2015 Give Away Winners (3) for filling in LB2014 Survey

Via Tamara Laporte – Kim Davis

Via Tamara Laporte – Debs Mitchell

Via Tamara Laporte – Kate Rix

Life Book 2015 Scholarships donated by Anonymous Donor

Via Anonymous Donor – Kari Rohl

Via Anonymous Donor – Gloria Bryant

Via Anonymous Donor – Andrea Barnson

One copy of Traci Bautista’s Book

Via Traci Bautista – Corinne Bekker

One place on Radiant: Faces:

Via Effy Wild – Susan Berkowitch

One place on Co-lab:

Via Alena Hennessy – Susan Smith


Email us to claim your prize(s) if you haven’t already! :) Big hugs! x


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