Willowing Arts Calendars 2015 are now HERE! :)

Hi guys! I’ve been a bit awol lately, mostly because I’ve not been very well. I’ve been sleeping 10-12 hours every night since Andy’s come back from Nepal and I’ve had tummy aches and all that stuff. Since the week of sleep (ha ha), I’m much improved but still not 100%. I think my body was finally like: look, you’re not listening to me, I’m exhausted, I’m now just gonna break down on you dude. So it’s come to a point now where I can’t ignore health and burn out issues anymore; I’m giving in to the oceans of sleep, letting go of the ‘but I must do it all‘ thing and taking it really, really super easy. It’s actually quite fun, I have craaaazy dreams during all this sleep! :)

So it’s taken me longer than intended but they are finally now here! Willowing Arts Printable Calendars are here! Yay! :) This year I have 3 different versions for you and a bonus gift if you buy all 3 yay!

In previous years the printable calendars have been hugely successful! For those who don’t know: I offer my calendars as printables so that I can make them affordable for all of you lovelies! (If I order mine from a printing place and resell them, it gets really expensive for all involved, but if you print them yourself I can make it affordable, yay!). You can print them yourself however way you like and once you’re finished with the calendar you can keep the bits of art as keepsakes!

Fun no? :)

These are instant downloads, meaning, once you sent through your payment you get an immediate automated email sent to you with all the download links. There is no manual step here so you don’t have to wait.

So this year I did 3 versions as follows:

1. Willowing Arts Calendar (Landscape) Girls (£3.99 GBP approx $6USD)

2. Willowing Arts Calendar (Portrait) Girls (£3.99 GBP approx $6USD)

3. Willowing Arts Calendar (Portrait) Whimsical Florals with Empowering Messages (£3.99 GBP approx $6USD)

4. Buy all 3 calendars + get a bonus gift of 2 high resolution art prints (that you can print out yourself!) (£9.99 GBP approx $15USD)

Here are some sneak peeks:

Example of the Landscape Calendar with full versions of my ‘girl paintings’:

Click the ‘add to cart button’ to buy the Landscape Girl Calendar:

£3.99GBP (approx $6USD)

Add to Cart

Example of the Potrait Calendar with details of my ‘girl paintings’:


Click the ‘add to cart button’ to buy the Portrait Girl Calendar:

£3.99GBP (approx $6USD)

Add to Cart

Example of the Potrait Calendar with details of my ‘whimsical florals’ paintings (these also contain uplifting/ empowering messages):


Click the ‘add to cart button’ to buy the Portrait Floral/ Empowering Msgs Calendar:

£3.99GBP (approx $6USD)

Add to Cart

Hard to pick just one? :) If you buy all 3 calendars you get a bonus gift! :) Buy all 3 and you get 2 printable high resolution images of 2 of my popular art pieces (digitally signed) as well which you can print out and hang around the house yay!






Click on the ‘add to cart’ button to buy
£9.99GBP (approx $15USD)
Add to Cart


Thanks so much for checking out the calendars! I hope your 2015 will be beautiful, lightful, chocolateful, sparkly, unicornful, moonbeamful and much more of all that pretty stuff. You are loved, You are beautiful, You are Relevant. <3

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