Thank You, Thank You – here is a gift <3

Hello friends. :) I’m in the middle of last-days-of-the-year-chaos, it’s a good kind of chaos (sign ups to Life Book – lots of queries/ admin related to it), end of year excitement and finalising all the shiny bits for the LB groups everywhere. Already over 2100+ people have signed up (I’m not even sure how to deal with that number!) and the group is buzzing with friendly people connecting with each other. I kinda just sit back and watch it all happen in front of me, a bit awe-struck, never quite understanding how I got this point of doing this! Bringing amazing people together and making miracles happen.


Wowsa, but anyway, I wanted to drop in here specifically to say: thank you to you.


Thank You.

Thank you for being here, for supporting me, my business, my livelihood. Thank you for leaving lovely messages. Thank you for receiving my messages. Thank you for being courageous and trying out some of the classes I offer, the healing stuff I offer. Thank you for giving me a chance, for cheering me on, for leaving a kind message when I’ve been down. You probably absolutely don’t realise how much you matter to me. How much I appreciate your support here.

Sometimes people send me emails or leave messages and think that I ‘surely must be too busy’ to read them. I’ll tell you something: I read everything. I read every comment/ email that is sent to me. And I hear and feel it all (not always able to reply to each msg, but I read it all). I’m just a human over here and you’re a human over there and your kindness? It bloody well matters a huge deal. I want you to know that. You, have made a difference, to me. :)

So from my soul to your soul: sparkle sparkle & shine, I love you, thank you so so much for everything. I wish you a beautiful amazing new year in 2015. I hope your wishes come through, that your needs get met and that you will soar into all those coveted magical places. Mostly: I wish you peace of mind and heart, an ability accept that which you can’t change and a steady unshakeable inner joy (hey we can all wish huh?)). I do do do wish all that for you. :)

I have a small gift for you as a thank you for your support this year, here are 2 high resolution images of some of my creations, just right-click on the image and choose: ‘save target as’ – then you can print it out for personal use or to give to friends. :) Enjoy and much love. Tam xoox <3



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