Winners of the Give Away and Scholarships! :)

Oh my God you guys,
so many of you left your amazing messages on the give-away/ scholarship post!

We had over 750+ responses!!


It’s so moving to read that so many of you who are currently on Life Book are enjoying it SO much and how some of you who were on previous years but couldn’t join last year, missed it so much that you definitely want to join 2016! :) You guys shared so much of yourself and your stories and the love you have for your art and creative practice! Just wow!

We have also received a huge response to the scholarship opportunities!

We have read all your heartfelt, moving, beautiful messages and have been blown away by the love out there, it was very difficult to make our choices, but we managed in the end to choose winners and recipients of the scholarships! 

Thank You! :)

So, without further ado, here are the winners of the give-aways & scholarships:

For the Give-Away
of Current Life Book Students who filled in the Customer Survey for 2015

♦ Susan Cantin ♦

♦ Kris Bilyeu ♦

♦ Janet Howerton ♦

♦ Terri Bolliger ♦

For the Give-Away of the Blog Hop Post:

♦ Maribe Losada ♦

♦ Denise of Coffeeberry Cottage ♦

♦ Famu (virtualgirl1 [AT] ♦

♦ LaChelle Shown ♦

♦ Elaina (elainaianniciello [AT ] ♦

The 10 scholarships go to:

 Amber Aitcheson ♦

♦ Jana Oliveira ♦

♦ Nikki Zeremes ♦

♦ Emelie Lejon ♦

♦ Maura who nominated her daughter: Alessia

♦ Miika Leigh who nominated her friend: Maggie Schirmer

♦ Jennifer Waugh ♦

♦ Tracy Clements ♦

♦ Kimberly Hogan who nominated her friend: Beatriz Dos Santos

♦ Cheryl Demas ♦

All winners/ recipients will be emailed in due course! :)

We had almost 120 applications for the scholarships, it is so so hard to choose and not just give everyone a space. We really want to work with people to try and make it happen so that everyone can come on Life Book, so when it goes on sale, please enquire about the payment plans, we are really happy to help make it work for you!

If there is anyone out there who feels called to sponsor a person to receive a scholarship for Life Book 2016 (we had many people approach us for this last year), please contact us on willowing.arts [AT] so that we can continue to help those less fortunate financially to come on the course.

If you won a space and you feel called to pass your free space on to a scholarship applicant we are super happy to do that also! :) Again just contact us and let us know! :)

And lastly, don’t forget to keep following the blog hop and entering into the other give-aways for a chance to win a spot.

Much love and thank you to all who entered.

Big hugs

Tam & Maddie

(Gracie is on maternity leave but she waves hi too!)

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