Winter Soul Flakes – Now Open – Yay! :)


Hello fine sparkly soulshiney reader of my blog/ website. Thank you for being here and reading this, I appreciate it more than you know. :) This is a quick blog post to let you all know that Winter Soul Flakes (my new winter class 2015) is now open for registration! Yay!

Let me tell you more about this class!

First up here is a sparkly, wintery, glittery trailer of about 2 minutes which is so sparkly and magical you should just watch it for the magic of it, also; it shows you all the art you’ll make:

  Seen enough and want to sign up now?   No problemo amigo, buy here:

Winter Soul Flakes
1 Course Space
£47.50 GBP



Or read on a bit more:

It’s a 3 segment class + 1 bonus session in which I show you how to create a wintery ‘lollipop’ girl in 3 different skin tones!

The class is full of information and techniques with video content of over 6.6 hours and 4 detailed PDFs (take a peek below into the PDFs) and see some screenshots of the videos too!


You will learn how to:

  • draw/ sketch and shade a front-facing light-skinned wintery lollipop girl
  • draw/ sketch and shade a front-facing medium-skinned wintery lollipop girl
  • draw/ sketch and shade a front-facing dark-skinned wintery lollipop girl
  • draw little whimsical animal friends + one more slightly realistic looking wolf
  • learn how to make your whimsical animals look in different directions
  • learn to create a snowy/ wintery layered background
  • learn how to draw and design your own snowflakes
  • comes with a bonus lesson in which I show you how to create a snowflake painting on a light and dark background



  • Videos are downloadable for you to keep
  • Access to the content is life-long
  • You can share your work in the Willowing & Friends Facebook group
  • The class is ‘self-study’ not ‘live’



After purchase; you will get access to a private group online where you can watch and download the class lessons and materials. Access to the group is unlimited. Please note: you will not receive a DVD with this option. Please be aware that sign up is a manual process: we will send you an invite to the group in the next 24-48 hrs (pls bear with us if it’s a weekend). If you are ordering during a sale, pls bear with us as it can get really busy.

 I hope we’ll see you there! :)

Winter Soul Flakes
1 Course Space
£47.50 GBP



A peek at some lesson/ video footage:

lessonshot7 lessonshot3lessonshot5lessonshot2lessonshot4

*Supplies Used for this Class*

– – – – – – – – – – –

Please note, below are the supplies I used, but you can substitute the supplies if and where needed if you don’t have what I’ve used. Also: for skin tones I do not always the same exact colours. Experiment and play with your supplies and the variety of colours you have available to you.

– – – – – – – – – – –

  • 5 sheets of 140lbs watercolour paper (16 x 12”) – Brand: I used: Waterford & Saunders
  • Graphite pencil for sketching (I use a graphgear 1000 by pentel, the lead I use is 2b, the width of the pencil 0.9 – you don’t need to have this pencil, just sharing what I used)
  • Skin tone supplies and colours I used (substitute with different brands and colours where needed only listing exactly what I used in case you are curious):
  • Caran D’ache Neocolour II watersoluble Crayons, in the following colours: salmon/ salmon pink/ orangish yellow/ ochre + cinnamon + English red + brown + russet (sanguine) + burnt sienna + optional: reddish orange + bordeaux red
  • Dabber (Ranger): hazelnut + cool peri
  • Golden fluid acrylics: quinacridone nickel azo gold (or other deep orange/ brown acrylics) + quinacridone burnt orange
  • Heavy body acrylics (Daler Rowney): flesh tone/ portrait pink/ burnt umber/ naples yellow
  • Colour Pencils in violet, purples, dark reds, dark browns (the brand I use are prismacolor and luminance (caran d’ache)
  • I also used Derwent inktense pencils in the colours of ink black, aubergine, reds and browns
  • For facial features like eyes and mouth: Tombow Markers/ Caran D’ache Neocolour II watersoluble Crayons in colour of choice
  • For fine details: Black marker with fine tip: posca or signo-uniball/ White marker with fine tip: posca or signo-uniball + ivory marker (posca)
  • For hair: tombow markers/ watersoluble crayons & ink in your colours of choice (I mix several different turquoises/ light blues)
  • For the background: collage materials of choice (I use book pages, music scores, tissue papers)
  • Water/ Brushes (I like ‘pro arte – acrylix’ brushes) / Gel Medium (for gluing)
  • Some heavy body and fluid acrylics in colour of choice
  • White gesso + white ink or watered down white acrylics (for splattering)
  • Brayer
  • Stabilo all pencil or watersoluble pencil in black
  • Black Gesso + blue ink spray
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