Winners of Free Art Print – Yay!

Oh gosh you guys. Your responses to my ‘I struggle too’ post the other week had me so so deeply moved. And, I was planning on only giving away 1 print, but was so touched by some of your beautiful responses, that instead, I decided to give away 6 prints. To be honest: if I could I’d give a free print to ALL of you beautiful people, but it’s just not financially viable to give away over 400 prints. I want you all to know that I so deeply appreciate you and your comments and your love and your beingness and your beauty (and also actually all your dark stuff and difficult stuff, I know we all have both shadow and light :)). I embrace all of you. <3 Thank you for all your wonderful comments and presence and support always. It means more to me than you will ever know.

So, the 6 people who’ve won an art print are:

Heather who said: heather


Adriana Mesa who said:



Hannah who said:



Heather who said:



Bee who said:



Lesley who said:



Congratulations dear winners! Look out for an email from Willowing HQ to claim your prize! <3 

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