A Valentine of Self-Love – Free Print Gift! :)

Hello beautiful you’s. :) Happy V-day.

Here is a special message to YOU on this Valentine’s Day. :)

On V-day each year I like to change the focus a little bit from the love for and of “other” to the love for and of your beautiful glorious self.

I like to invite you this year to buy chocolates and flowers NOT ONLY for other people but ALSO for yourself.

Not only that, I would love to encourage you to deepen your self-love/ self-care/ self-compassion practices (or to start a self-love practice if you don’t have one yet)! Sounds good? :-)

:) Absolutely go tell your beautiful loved ones how much you love them (do that every day, not just today), but DON’T leave your beautiful self out of this practice! :)

(And by self love I don’t mean: egotism or self-glorification/ absorption, I mean: treating & loving yourself the same way you might do your child or sister, friend or mother, a person you love dearly – eg: with kindness, gentleness, forgiveness, softness. Self love also means; working on stabilising your confidence and esteem; realising you are good enough, worthy, that you matter as much as anyone else… that sorta thing! :))

More and more do I realise how so many of us suffer from self-judgement, self rejection, low self esteem, low self worth. I’ve come to believe that it’s one of the BIGGEST things that stands in the way of growth, abundance, love, light, beauty, living our dreams and yes yes, even: world peace. (Low self worth can cause depression and pain – hurt people, hurt people, right?).

So today, on V-day I encourage you to start practising more self love more self compassion, more ‘sitting with the wholeness and fullness of you’, allowing your feelings to be, allowing you to experience all that you experience, forgiving yourself, asking for help, letting go of shame and guilt, saying no more, saying yes more, stop blaming yourself, being gentle and kind with yourself, seeing your worth, noticing the amazing impact and difference you make in this world.

“But Tam”, I hear you ask, “how”?

I know that sometimes ‘self-love’ can sound a bit vague, what does it mean? Should I take more baths? Buy a new dress for myself? A pedicure? A manicure? :) Self-acceptance/ self-care and self-love goes more deeply than that. If you’re interested, check out my ‘self love tv’ series on youtube, where I talk about self love practises that might be helpful. I’m gonna try to update it more this year! :)

Anyhoo, I think you get my message this Valentine’s Day:

* you are loved *

If no one told you that yet today, let me be the first and may
YOU be the second! :)

And here is a FREE high res print of a piece of art I created recently for a Life Book 2016 lesson. It’s all about self-love. Feel free print it out to hang up in your studio as a reminder that you are a loved and worthy being and do share with your friends if you like! :) (Pls note this print is to use and share for personal use only thanks for understanding!) xoox

Download the high res version by right-clicking on the image above and choose ‘save target as’ or download from this link:

Have a wonderful V-day everyone, may it inspire you to more self-love, less self-blame and an awe and complete acceptance of the wholeness and fullness of beautiful amazing YOU.

Tam x

PS. This is the kind of work we do on Life Book all year round! (Creativity, Creating Beautiful Paintings with an underlying  Personal Development/ Self Love theme).

Life Book 2016 has been joined by over 12200+ people since it first began in 2012. It’s had roaring success through teaching participants creativity and personal development skills.

People send us daily message expressing their gratitude and how much Life Book has helped them both creatively and personally. :) I  feel so blessed to be able to host such a powerful and life-enriching course each year! This year has started with an incredible BANG and YOU can still join now problem. :) It’s not too late, you get access to all previous content AND you can download everything too, so you have the content for year to come! :) Hope to see you there!


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