Exciting News & New Free Art Video! :)

Greeting and Salutations beautiful people who check out my work. How are you over there? I hope you are cosy and warm and that you are thinking happy positive thoughts about you and your shiny inside soul. Remember you are amazing and worthy, good enough and special, need a reminder? Check out my free Self-Love Valentine gift for you here. <3 You are loved.

On to some insanely exciting news in Tam Land! ZOMG everyone we bought a HOUSE. And not just any kind of house but it’s the house I’ve been wanting/ dreamed of for the past 4/5 years now. It’s a CREATIVE SELF LOVE PEACE FARM where we’ll be running art retreats and personal development retreats and alls sorts of other happy stuff with togetherness, camp fires, paint splatters, drums beating, heart connections and more! :) It’s an old farm house with A HOBBIT DOOR in the South of England (Devon) and it has outbuildings (for my studio) an old barn and 3 acres of garden. We’re right on the edge of Dartmoor National Park and I can’t even breathe anymore it’s so exciting!!

If you want to watch a video on the vision I have for the house plus a little tour, click here.

In other exciting news!!

I am so proud and pleased to let you guys know that I was approached by a wonderful licensing agent (Joanne from The Buffalo Works) who will be representing my work!! They are SUCH a nice bunch working there :D After skype calls and reviews of contracts etc I’m super excited and pleased and of course hope to see my art on products all around the world! I want to thank ALL of you guys too for always supporting me and my work, without you I wouldn’t have been able to develop the thing that I do nowadays. I’m absolutely aware of how much you guys all play a role in my growth and development (as we all do for each other!) :) SQUEEEEEE!! :D Here is their ‘press release’.

They’re also currently working on an ‘e-commerce’ site for me! Look at some of what’s available so far, aren’t these so flipping cute?
(ZOMG PINT glasses!!)
Anyhoo, we will launch this product site super soon, are you excited???? :D I AMMMMM!!!

Lastly! I just put up a new art journal video for you guys over on youtube, lemme embed the video here. It covers a peek into my big art journal, comments on the pages (like how there are SO many I just DON’T like!!) and then a time lapse bit of the creation of a new double spread. Enjoy! Also some close up shots of the journal spread below. xoxoo

Flip Through of Big Journal +
House & Bridges, A Double Journal Spread with Tamara Laporte

Here are some in depth photos of the new spread:


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