My Travel Art Kit – what’s in it?

Goodday Mates (Bruces and yer Sheilas)! :D – You guessed it; I’m in Australia at the moment, it’s amazing! So much sub-tropic beauty and sunshine! I’m still adjusting to the crazy jet lag thing though, I’m all over the place with sleep! :D The journey went well, the kidlets were GREAT considering they were on a plane for 20 hours (with a stop-over break in Hong Kong in between). I’m so proud of them and they’re already having SO much fun in the resort where we’re staying. I swear there is nothing more satisfying than providing for your children and seeing them enjoy it and having a great time. Makes me fill with love and my heart swell! :D I’m also experiencing a lot of gratitude at the moment. The kind that makes me tear up every flipping 10 minutes. Ha.

Anywaysies, I’m writing this blog post today, right by the pool while kiddies are splashing in the water, to show ya’ll my travel art kit. I was posting my art during the journey here on my instagram and people have been asking what limited supplies I pack to take on the plane, so I thought, let’s make it into a blog post! :) Tadaaaaa. Here it is.

So, I packed super few supplies for my hand luggage (carry on), they fitted in a tiny little pouch and were enough to keep me happy and my art cravings satisfied. Now, before I list my supplies, I do have to say that your list might be a bit different in that, you really want to pack very few of your favourite supplies (not mine, lol, though yours and mine may overlap!). Each little travel art kit will be personal and will look different, of course, don’t think mine is the only one way you can pack a limited supply art kit!

Other considerations: remember that you are limited to 100 mls of liquid in individual items as part of hand luggage. So: don’t take a 150 ml bottle of golden acrylics with you or you’ll have to throw it away!! Also: make sure that any paint markers contain less than 100mls of inks/ paints or again; they’ll be confiscated (bye bye expensive art supplies!!). Then: consider what your ‘go-to’ materials are at home and pack 3 or 4 colours of those supplies in your mini travel art kit.

So mine were:

1. Graphite pencil (mechanical), I like the pentel graphgear 1000
2. Eraser
3. Currently I’m mad for Tombow markers, I took 4 with me. The colour choices were: red/ blue/ yellow and a sort of pale-ish yellow/ skin tone-like colour
4. I took 3 neocolor II crayons in colours: teal/ turqoise/ orange
5. 2 Brushes (only ended up using 1 though). I didn’t bring a water brush (aquabrush) with me as I don’t always like how soft the brush tips are, but they are really great as part of a travel kit because you’ve got your water container right there. I like using: pro arte acrylix brushes. I only used the small one in the picture.
6. 2 Posca paint markers: 1 in black, 1 in white.
7. Little art journal (A5 size – approx 6 x 8”) – I used the Roberson watercolour sketchbook hotpressed (140lbs) green bind.
8. For water I just grabbed a tiny lid from a bottle or something on the plane and just used a small amount of drinking water. But again if you take an aquabrush with you, you don’t have to faff that way if you mind faffing with water and containers etc.

And that’s it! No more! I was able to create some cool pages with just those supplies!

What I learned:

At first I was lamenting that I didn’t have more colours/ other supplies to play with, but then I liked the challenge and soon began to enjoy that I only had 4/5 colours to work with and so few supplies. I tried to find new and interesting ways to use them. Eventually I actually LOVED how freeing it felt to only have those few supplies, it was much less overwhelming than when I have a gazillion billion options (usually at home ha). It felt really nice to know exactly what was available and know that all I had were the few supplies in that little pouch. It also encouraged me to ‘break my own rules’. For instance; because I only had a blue or red for darker shading, that’s all I had and so couldn’t go to any other colour and just had to try it out. Even though normally as part of my self-imposed rules I wouldn’t use an ultramarine blue for shading, now I am all like; ULTRAMARINE BLUE WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE?! :) It gave me some nice surprises and unwittingly I challenged myself and discovered some new things in the process! In the end I think I created some pretty beautiful pages. :)

I do think it helped that I chose 3 versions of the primary colours (red, yellow and blue) because they mixed into other colours beautifully and also 1 complimentary colour (orange) for extra pop! It was also useful to have that 1 extra light tombow for skin tone (though I also did skin tone with orange by diluting it a lot); I could’ve still worked fine with the kit if the light tombow had not been there. And the black and white posca pens were essential for me, without them I would’ve had a hard time. :)

Anyhoo, here are some of the pages I made on the plane and while travelling airports:

Pretty cool right? Hope this post inspired you and helped you assemble your own art travel kit for when you travel next!

Oh, someone asked about comments/ questions/ strange looks from other travellers: yep, you do get those, but they are usually all very interested and intrigued. I got questions about supplies, lovely comments from air hostesses (oooh so pretty!) and generally the art journal pages opened up fun conversations with fellow passengers. :) So don’t fear, people are usually only curious, inspired and impressed with what you do! :)


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