70% off Flash Sale + How to continue to foster love and unity.

img_2426Hello there creative family, 

Well, what a time we’re going through at the moment. I’m witnessing people both upset about and celebrating recent events. Emotions are running high in all sorts of ways, I can’t help feeling worried and anxious about the widening divide I’m witnessing. 
With this often comes judgement and blame. And then the confusion, upset and anger can be perpetuated – in what can be ever decreasing circles leading to the creation of people in silos.

When I’m feeling most separate and mis-understood what I’m longing for is love, unity and connection.
Here are my thoughts on how to continue to foster love and unity for all in these turbulent times. 

1. Care for yourself when you are in pain, shower yourself with buckets of empathy, spend time with loving family and friends who you can cry with and who will listen to you.

2. Care for others who need you, and where you feel able and safe to do so; be a safe space for people who feel sad/ stressed/ worried/ anxious. Help bring awareness to their plight in the way that it serves them. 

3. Reach out to bridge the gap/ the divide – this may well be the hardest one – we all, at times, are tempted to sit in our “rightness” and judge others for their “wrongness”. In times of these, we may naturally want to ‘tribe up’ and ‘stick with our safe group’ as this may give us the feeling of being most comfortable, safe and ok. However, for true healing and reconciliation to happen we need, where possible, to try and reach out to those who perhaps we may not normally reach out to (don’t get me wrong, I’m not always able to do this myself, it’s super hard to do particularly when we feel deflated, in pain and alienated, this is a step to take when you feel able and have looked after your hurt self first). 

In my experience it’s important to reach out, when we feel able to, not in a way that justifies anyone’s violent methods of meeting their needs, but to create understanding on all sides so that they may come together and so that all people can find mutually beneficial ways to move forward. When I say: unite/ bridge the gap/ be kind, I don’t mean: be ok with violence, I mean: try to see the humanity in the person, try to understand where their choice-making comes from so we can create connection, understanding and compassion for each other. 

The more judgement, condemnation and dismissal of ‘others’, the more their position may become hardened; and the cooperative and peaceful outcome we hope for will unlikely be achieved. Judgement, can often create more division, not the healing we may so long for. What is the alternative to judgement? What else can you do to express how ‘not okay’ you are with what’s happening without judging? —> 

Many of you know that I am a great believer in something called: ‘nonviolent communication‘. I don’t normally promote it solely here but refer to it often in my work, today I want to highlight it as an incredible way to heal & transform conflict. If you’re feeling stuck, worried, anxious and want to learn how to move towards healing and transforming conflict, I recommend checking out NVC. 
I don’t get paid for promoting these guys, so this is purely a recommendation from my heart to yours, the first is an online place you can learn NVC, the second is the UK NVC website, you can also find out more here: cnvc.org.

I send all of you so much love, 

big hugs and light 

from me Tam x




I’m posting this bird print again, even though I’ve posted it a couple of times, pls print it out, send it to your friends or whoever needs it! <3  

“The astonishing light of your own being.”
– I want to give you guys this high res print for free with a colourful bird and a quote by Hafiz on it that I feel speaks to some of what is needed in this world today. Pls feel free to share it with your friends, print it out for personal use and use it to create awareness. Download it for printing out here: YourLightBird-HIGHRES.jpg

In other Willowing Arts News! :) 

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