Creating a Tam Dreamboard

Hey wonderful creative friends, here a little blog post about creating a (Tam) Dreamboard that helps you manifest your dreams and call into your life what you want more of. My version of the dream board is a bit different from the more traditional one (where you mostly and only cut out collage pieces and glue them together onto a board). By contrast I like including my own face, paint, collage, doodles, affirmations and quotes too!! :)

This is one of my favourite type of paintings to create. Whenever I create a painting like this I go into a ‘zone’ of gentle, soothing self care. As I paint & decorate my face, surrounding myself with affirming imagery and words, it’s like I lovingly caress and care for myself.  

In this particular painting I first do an acrylics transfer of an image of my face, I then collage the background and layer over/ paint my face and background, adding imagery and positive affirmations + words & quotes that help soothe/ affirm me and call in the things I want to manifest. It’s a healing, sacred process, really. :) 

My February lesson for Life Book 2017  has just been ‘aired’. I demonstrate in depth how I create the Dreamboard painting below. People are already loving it and sharing their beautiful versions of the painting! If you want to join Life Book 2017, you still can and you’ll get access to all previously posted content. Hope to see you there


Here’s a work in progress shot: 


Here are some close ups:







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