Affiliate Program


 Willowing Arts

Affiliate Program

Join my Affiliate Program!

Earn some money

and spread the magical power of ART throughout the world!

Thank you for your interest in my affiliate program. You can earn a share of some of my products that are sold on my site through your affiliate link. (Note: shares range from 10% to 30% depending on which product is sold).


Payment information

  • Payments will be made between the 7th and 10th of each month
  • Each payment will be in GBPs £ (I will not be able to convert payments into USD – but

    don’t worry, you can use your GBPs in your paypal account like you use your USD,

    paypal converts it for you – there is nothing you have to do to convert your GBPs)

  • All payments will be made into paypal accounts. I’m not able to pay into any other


  • Willowing Arts will incur the paypal charges

To find out how to go about signing up to my affiliate program click here:


Thank you so much for being interested in becoming an affiliate of mine I deeply appreciate it and cherish our partnership, if you have any questions please contact Gracie on willowing.arts [AT]

With love

 Tam xoxo
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