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4 Responses

  1. Joanne
    Joanne April 9, 2013 at 3:15 am · Reply

    I am a fellow mixed media artist in Florida and I just love what you do. I noticed you have similar saying as I do on my webpage “Building community connecting the arts with Health, Healing and Heart.” Best to you and your art!

  2. Isabell
    Isabell August 17, 2013 at 4:15 am · Reply

    Tam… I want to tell you how much you inspire me. I have been an artist all my life and have had many trials with health and heart ache. I lost my desire to do art around ten years ago when my life was upside down and caused TSD. I am a founding member of the watercolor society hear where I live,and its one thing I am proud to say I started. Thank you for your kind heart, you are truly special and your light shines in your art…I don’t even know you but I love you already, I would love to meet you some day….sincerely Isabell Bailor

    1. Tam
      Tam August 22, 2013 at 12:22 pm · Reply

      Thank you so much for your loving and inspiring message Isabell! I really appreciate you reaching out and connecting with me this way. :) Feeling very moved. xox Tam

  3. Susan (Sanna) Burgess
    Susan (Sanna) Burgess August 28, 2013 at 4:03 pm · Reply

    HI Tam, I just read your blog about the struggle you’ve had and how now you are doing better. I too struggled very similarly with not being excepted as a child but for different reasons. My mom though had the same reasons as you she was bigger faster then the other kids more developed sooner. I wonder what percentage of people are made to feel like they don’t belong as a child. Is it the minority or majority?
    I also had weight issues, some from thyroid some from medications some from traumatic events. Now my issues is being heavy and very addicted to sugars and not able to exercise because of leg and bone trouble. Wish I COULD GO TO A FARM AND LEARN TO EAT HEALTHY WITHOUT ANY TEMPTATIONS FOR A MONTH. Congratulations for regaining control over that issue, huge success in my opinion. I personally feel defeated in that area. I wanted to take that wellness class but I can only handle one class at a time basically. Next year I think i WILL SIGN UP FOR SMALLER CLASSES AT A TIME BUT HONESTLY THIS lIFE book class has been so so worth the money.
    I have been having artistic breakthroughs left and right, incredible ones. Not only personally as far as my own art is going but also in ways I can be more effective in the community around me as it relates to art and sharing and being a more giving individual.
    You really are such an inspiration bringing these wonderful teachers together and just you! You are so amazing and I see you as very developed as a human being as well. You’re humor and vulnerability really get my heart. Plus not to mention your business sense plus raising two small children. I think what you went through as a child made you this phenomenal person you are today, not to say you had to be tortured to be the wonderful you that you are but I truly think it gave you something special as an outcome as a gift. Me too, I definitely have more compassion because of my own struggles.
    I also think even your RA is a type of gift. My physical pains started later in my life, but I was always affected by dyslexia and adhd which I think are both also physical. Hard to imagine I would one day consider them a gift but they are, they force me to be humble. If you never had these issues Tam imagine how intimidated people would be from you. Because you have suffered instead they say or at least I do;. “wow look at that beautiful woman, she has been through so much and still she is amazing, generous of herself, a kind mother, a great artist/business woman, spiritually she grows and grows unafraid of what comes next not inspire of what she has been through but because of it”!
    I also think you are socially graceful which I am not nor have I ever been, I really admire you Tam.
    Hugs, Sanna

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