Life Book 2015 The Tam Edition – On Sale Now!

Life Book 2015 The Tam Edition is now on Sale!

9 in-depth mixed media art lessons and 3 bonus lessons by Tam from Life Book 2015.

(Please note: during 2015, Life Book 2015 is still running and lessons will be added to Life Book 2015 The Tam Edition as the lessons become available)

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Lifebook 2015 The Tam Edition

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Themed around self-development and healing, Life Book 2015 The Tam Edition is a
 celebration and honouring of self. In 9 in-depth lessons and 3 bonus lessons you will learn a wide variety of mixed media techniques, creating loose mixed media art journal pages which you will then bind into a glorious journal (a Life Book)! Each lesson is approx 2-3 hours long. Come and join! :-)

The themes of the lessons are:

  • The Beacon of Light – Celebration of New Beginnings and setting an intention (includes main project: Creating your ‘Beacon of Light’ and warm up and colour theory lessons. Also includes ‘art bites for beginners and newbies’ which explains basic supplies and how they are used. Also includes an optional guided meditation)
  • Celebration Jar – smaller bonus lesson (celebrate New Beginnings and Letting Go by creating a ‘Celebration Jar’)
  • Affirmation Feather  – smaller bonus lesson (affirm your intentions by creating an Affirmation Feather)
  • Seeds of Love – Celebration of Closeness & Community in your Life (main project: Tam teaches you how to create her ‘whimsical florals/ natural elements’ using mixed media techniques. Plus an extra bonus ‘Value Contrast and Colour Theory Deepener’ lesson)
  • Layers of Your Heart – Celebration & Gratitude (using mixed media, create your own ‘heart booklet’ to symbolise the gratitude you feel for many of the things/ beings/ people/ animals in your life.)
  • It’s the Little Things – Honouring the Here Now (main project: create a 3/4 face, work with black and white, experiment with ‘intuitive creation’ and look at shape contrast. Optional extra ‘grounding’ meditation. Explore concepts like ‘grounding’, ‘honouring the little things in our lives’, ‘staying present to what is alive in you’ and bringing that into your journal page)
  • ‘Paint An Apple’ – smaller bonus lesson (explore light and shadow and incorporate that into your painting)
  • Magic, Vulnerability and Courage – Explore how to create a male portrait, calling upon your inner wizard (working with male archetypes)

  • Layers of You – This is a paint over collage lesson in which  we will explore the concepts of ‘needs’ and how they are the driving force for all of what we do. I will guide you through a self-empathy exercise which can be used to heal old pain. We will create a self-portrait through a ‘paint over collage’ method and embed our needs in the page.

  • You are Wise – Working with the feminine archetype ‘The Wise Woman’, we will explore our deeper truths and knowns. We will tackle some limiting beliefs about ourselves here (like ‘I’m not good enough’) and we will call upon our inner Wise Woman to find out what is the actual truth about us. On our page we will create a character or animal in flight that ‘soars’ above our limiting beliefs in wisdom and joy.

  •  “If you could do anything…” what would it be? That will be the gateway into your playful self. We will explore how we play, IF we play, what we can do to create more PLAY. This exploration will inform our page which will be playful, colourful, intuitive and possibly includes a playful/ magical character like a fairy/ rainbow or unicorn.

  • Binding your Life Book – learn how to bind your pages into a book!

(Please note: during 2015, Life Book 2015 is still running and lessons will be added to
Life Book 2015 The Tam Edition as the lessons become available)

The lessons are taken from Life Book 2015; Life Book 2015 was a 12 month course where Tam and 25 other art teachers shared their mixed media techniques, tips and tricks. Life Book 2015 has now finished but Tam’s lessons from Life Book 2015 have been put together for you here in this stand alone course Life Book 2015 The Tam Edition!


Life Book 2015 The Tam Edition

£49 GBP

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    Hi! Is the “Star Man” part of the 2015 edition? And the Lettering? I think these courses where in 2015. Thank you!

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