December 23, 2010

Happy holidays!

Can you believe that the day we are leaving to spend 4 days with Andy’s family I am developing a major fever, cold and achyness? I feel achy all over, hot and cold and stomach probs too. Eugh! It seems that when you prepare to relax, your body sort of goes: aaah finally, like it Read More

December 16, 2010

Open Your Soul and Listen

Open Your Soul and Listen(for sale here) Today started with me being vomited upon about 5 times and ended with a lovely quiet dinner with the most amazing man in the world (dinner was: salad with avocado, carrots, red onion, smoked salmon and baby potatoes). In between the morning and the evening, more vomiting happened, Read More

December 12, 2010

Follow Your Bliss

Follow Your Bliss For Sale Here It’s about time I did another blog update. Gone are the days of updating 4 times a day! My life, well, it’s rather full and busy as will have been obvious. :-) I miss it here though so here I am with a bit o’ bloggie. Eh eh. I Read More

December 07, 2010

Magical Mythical Makings – Registration Open!

Magical Mythical MakingsNow Open for Registration! Learn to make beautiful mythical beings in mixed media paintings! We’ll be making Goddesses, Angels, Fairies, Mermaids and Unicorns! The course will cover the basics on a front facing and 3 quarter portrait but we’ll also do full bodied figures. Additionally we’ll let some of the old masters inspire Read More

October 28, 2010

Notice the little yellow duckie.

Up Up and Away(buy here) Today I woke up to a gurgling baby who threw himself onto my breast and then made cute cooing noises for 15 minutes while nursing. After that I proceeded to tickle him and kiss the bottom of his chin which had him in fits of laughter and me fill up Read More

October 22, 2010

You will never be just ‘pretty’.

Girl – in progress So, where was I? :-) Well, let me hear a “HOLY WOW”; there are 950+ people on my free art course and they are on FIRE! One after another posts amazing work, beautiful comments, revelations of healing. I am continually awed, stunned, humbled and moved by what they are posting and Read More

October 10, 2010

Hugging is the Whole Point

Hugging is the Whole Point Original for sale HEREPrints available for sale HERE :-) Isn’t she cute? ♥ I have tired eyes and I sit here at too late an hour writing my blog, updating all my latest art bits on my site and in my etsy store and checking up on Dylbee intermittently who Read More

October 01, 2010

Out of Ashes, Phoenix Rises

A long overdue blog post with a bit more detail than just ‘here is my new art video’ or ‘look at this cute picture of Dylbee’ (not to say that those aren’t totally delightful, right? ;)). Ok, so what has been up with the Tam, waddup, whatdeuppah, whatsieupsies Tamarooraaa? Well, life really, lots, big huge Read More

September 29, 2010

Art, Heart & Healing – Free Online Art Course for ALL! :)

Yayyy! My free online art course is now officially open for registration! Healing and Art for everyone! :-) ♥ We start the fun on 18th October 2010. You can download the welcome pack which includes a supply list HERE and come join the group HERE. Here is some info on the course: As you all Read More

September 14, 2010

fly free

it’s been a while wonderful lj people. my apologies for disappearing. it’s been a busy, difficult, amazing and beautiful time. here is a new art video and some new art. hope you are all well and that you like this! more hopefully later today with a bit more in depth stuff about the love and Read More

August 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Baby Boy

Dear Baby Dylan, We are about 6 days away from your first birthday. I have been pestering your dad today, demanding we must get the perfect birthday cake for you. It must be personalised, have marzipan in it and preferably adorned with diamonds too. You wouldn’t think I’d choose a cake, of all things, to Read More

July 29, 2010

Artist Interview – Bonnie Rose Bryan – August 2010

Featured Artist of the Month Bonnie Rose Bryan www.BonnieRoseArtiste.com August 2010 For our very first ‘Artist Inteview’ this month I’ve had the pleasure to interview the magical Bonnie Rose Bryan! I can’t quite remember when I first came across her fabulous work, but I do remember that when I first encountered it, I was instantly Read More